Friday, September 5, 2008

Exquisite Baseball Randomizer Video


Baltimore, St. Louis, Tampa Bay - Ethan
Boston, Colorado - Dan K
Florida, Cleveland - Houstoncollector
Minnesota, LA Angels, LA Dodgers, Philly, Houston, Cubs, Washington, Milwaukee - Sam.nads
Cincinatti, Atlanta, Kansas City, San Fran, Texas, Padres- Russ
Seattle, New York Yanks, Pittsburgh, White Sox - Chrome1_1
Arizona, Toronto - Darkship
Detroit, Oakland, Mets - Motherscratcher

Because I am so stupid and sold an extra spot, I can either refund half of the money to both Ethan and Motherscratcher for that two team spot, or I can give them 5 bucks off for the next break. Whichever they want.

Bottom line: I am an idiot, and I am very sorry.

EDIT: Why didnt anyone say anything before?


  1. Hey, don't worry about it. You can do whatever is easier. I'm assuming that it's easier to NOT refund the money, and that's cool with me. We can just take it off the next break that I get in on if you want.

    I just appreciate you doing all of the legwork on this stuff. In fact, keep the $5 and buy yourself a beer, on me.

    Everybody join in...raise your glasses to Gellman...a's to being single, seeing double, and sleeping triple!

    That was always one of my favorites.

  2. Really its not a big deal. Thanks for joining!

  3. Sam.nads, I'll trade either of my teams for Houston.

  4. Sam.nads and Houston collector:

    If Sam.nads likes any of my teams more than HC's I'd be willing to do a 3 team trade.

    Houston from Samnads to HC
    Cleveland from HC to me
    Whoever from me to Samnads.

    I'm happy with my teams and I'm not trying to make things complicated. I just figured I'd throw that out there as an option if it will help HC get his team.

  5. Hey, if whoever ends up with Cleveland would like to trade it for Colorado, let me know. Thanks for doing the break. Great idea.

  6. I'm willing if Sam.nads is...