Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Look Into The Thinking Of People Who Go By Book Value

These are some nuggets of pure unadulterated senslessness that I have collected from some recent threads about BV vs SV around the interweb. Try not to think about these for extended periods of time. Blood may run from your ears if you do.

"I`ve been in the hobby for quite awhile now and we always went by book value,beckett does the research and we buy the books,we always went by book value even before the internet,I think sell value is not that reliable,say you want a card you check ebay one might be selling for 3 dollars one for 10 and so on which one do you go by?"

"I use book value just because it is easier. it is a set price not changing every hour like sv is"

"BV has been a standard for 20+ years, I dont need eBay because I already know what mine are worth thanks to beckett"

"BV is what I traditionally go by as well. But, I have been known to hold onto a card expecting the BV to go up in the next edition (see Matt Cassell, Matt Forte, etc), but I recognize the fact that BV is fictitious. SV is too, cards are hot the first week, then fizzle off and the research it takes to follow up on that is too time consuming to interest me, so when someone start spouting SV, I usually move on. BV is fictitious, but it is at least a barometer in which to go by."

"SV changes too much, I like the stability in BV even if it is inflated. Plus it makes me feel better"

"People only trade by sell value when it benefits them."

"I am an uneducated hobby douchebag who cares more about how much my cards are worth than getting a card I actually want. Excuse me while I bust this box of Triple Threads."

Okay, the last one was mine.


  1. HAHAHHA.....oh stupid world. That was almost as fun as a trip to walmart during prime operating hours.

  2. oh my fucking god. These idiots make some of those youtubers look like einstein.

  3. um, can I have the names and adresses of these fuckheads, so I can sell to them. I got a 100 lot of 1985 Topps Olympic Shane Mack rookies that books for .50. That's an easy 50 bucks! Wow, those comments are real?

  4. The ones that kill me are "I like book value."

    No idiot you use book value, you like pizza.