Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LCM 08 Is Live, But I Am Sad

After looking at the two pictures above, are you not as sad as I am? The LCM mirror blues from last year were great looking. I still miss my Peterson. The windows had that tapered look and they looked like they were just right in the way they fit the card. This year's are a oil drum full of suck with the 3 square windows of floating event used crap. Besides the ridiculous auto from lazy brat Chris Johson, the cards are a complete downgrade. I had serious high hopes for this set and now I feel like Donruss has severely let me down. Limited is coming out soon too, and I cant help but wonder if we are in for a raping because of a switch back to packs. Base cards suck in non-lowend products. Lets leave them to the First Worlders and their lower end products.

Chris Johnson, I hope you are run over by a stampede of Buffalo. Your auto is horrible. Epic Fail.


  1. Chris Johnson your auto is an embarassment. You lazy prick. I will be avoiding this set.

  2. I can only agree, the right card is really nice. The left card looks terrible and I would never want to own one of those.

  3. The Peterson looks like a work of art that I would gladly display.

    The Chris Johnson looks like a work of art that would be on my Trapper Keeper.

    If you grew up in the '80s, you are soooo with me on this.