Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SCU Breaks: 2005 Absolute Baseball

Here are the scans of the highlights:

Gary Carter Jacket/Shoe/Batting Glove/Fielding Glove and Chest Protector 11/25. I love this card only for the chest protector being in there. Nice pull for the mets.

Twins Six Swatch /150 - Santana, Mays, Morneau, Hunter, Cuddyer, and Shannon Stewart. I wish Mauer was on this card, but its still nice even without him. Sorry I couldnt get the back of it.

We also had a Dodgers dual bat card of Rickey Henderson and Shawn Green, as well as a Joe Torre auto braves card.

If you really want me to send out the unnumbered base cards, I will, but it will cost me more to ship them then they are actually worth. Please be courteous. All numbered insterts and hits will go out to the teams that have them.


  1. Not exactly thrilling hits compared to most box breaks that I've seen of this ... oh well.

    I don't need the base cards for the teams that I drew, but if the guy who drew the Yankees doesn't want the Mattingly base card, I would like it since I am a Mattingly collector. I'd pay for the shipping, Gellman...

  2. Great Gary Carter card. I'm so jealous! I hadn't seen that before. Thanks for posting the image.

  3. Thanks again for the break gellman. As usual, you are the man.

    Check your email about that Twins card.

  4. yea, really good break, thanks for doing this, we really need to get more baseball breaks in!