Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There Is A Lesson To Be Learned Here

I just got an email from reader Phil, who was telling me about his 100 dollar Topps redemption that was replaced with a few packs of a low end product and an auto that hasnt been worth anything since 2005. Rather than going into the awful situation that Topps presents with their redemption replacements, and rather than going into my own redemption replacement predicament with UD, I think there is a lesson to be learned for all.

First off, never, ever, ever, ever buy a Topps redemption. I think I have heard of maybe 1 that has actually been filled correctly. Of all the companies that produce redemptions, and pretty much all companies in general, Topps is...umm... topping the list of people I dont want to deal with. See, the difference between Topps' more sporatic redemptions and UD's all over the place redemptions is that UD fills them MOST of the time. When UD doesnt fill their redemptions, I have heard great stories and awful stories, whereas with Topps, I have only heard bad and worse.

Secondly, if you pull a redemption of any non-PC player, sell the shit like its hot. Its not worth the wait, or going through "the program" if you dont need the card, and will sell eventually anyways. Let the other guy deal with the problem while you get 25 dollars less on eBay for a 300 dollar card. Really is any minimal percentage loss going to make or break you? No, you arent homeless. Go buy something you actually want and can see with your own eyes.

Lastly, dont trade non-redemptions for redemptions. I see people do it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I dont care if it is some rare topps bowman chrome parallel auto. Its not worth your card unless the actual redemption card itself - not the card you are redeeming for - is going into your PC. Dont waste your assets on crap that will never materialize.

Just for reference, here are the best and worst companies for redemptions:

1. UD - online redemptions, soon to be online replacement program, great, good and bad replacement stories. Could take a while for your card though.
2. DLP - online redemptions, usually filled, not many replacement stories heard, but the ones I have are good.
3. Topps - online redemptions, nominally filled, awful, awful replacement stories heard, takes a long ass time.

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  1. I recently traded for a Peppers Superbowl ticket auto from Topps Tx. I did this fully knowing that it was not filled, but also fully knowing that I really wanted the Steve Smith Superbowl Ticket auto. When I talked to Topps, they assured me that as long as the "Beckett BV" matches, then it shouldn't be a problem. So I wrote a quality letter explaining the conversation. Well this week I got my card, a Bowman Sterling Devin Hester Rc Auto. Not a bad card. But not sure what happened to the Smith. Oh well, if Beckett says they are the same, then hey, they are the same. Who am I to question.