Monday, September 15, 2008

First Look: A Slew Of Important Second World Previews

Well contenders is back, and they are pretty much the same. I must say, this is one of the first DLP products that I am not that impressed with. Same stats as last year, same old, same old. What the fuck is up with the GIANT "Rookie" thing over McFadden on the ticket auto? That makes no sense. Either way, I wouldnt bust this with someone else's money.

Ultimate 2008 is next, and there really wasnt much picture excitement in the powerpoint. However, there was a ton of stuff that people will love. First is they are inserting the 1997 legends autos into the product at one per case. That is amazing, as there was a Payton in that set that is beyond awesome looking. Secondly, they promise one "Super High-End Hit" per box. What the fuck this means, I have no fucking clue. It cant be bad, unless the hit is from a parallel auto set that looks exactly the same as all the other parallel auto sets. See Ultimate Sunday Stars Sigs from 2007 and compare it with Ultimate Ink 2007 - you will see what I mean.
Now, when I approached Gregg Kohn (UD Football Brand Manager) about the abortion that was 2007 Ultimate, he said he was sorry, and that I was correct it looked awful and uncreative. He promised this year would be worth it. I hope he is right - this product is getting old, and should maybe be combined with Premier. But, as the Hobby's number one high-end producers, another product at 300 per box is nothing special for our friends at UD.

I hailed this product as Joe Collector's favorite, now you see why. Plus it looks EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME AS LAST YEAR. Show me a difference. Please. Plus, you are going to be paying 180 a box for a Dustin Keller Auto Jersey that really isnt a Jersey. Who fucking wants that? Members of the Idiot Conglomerate, or IC, bust this shit like its cardboard crack. I dont see why. Topps is awful with high end, and this is no news to me. Dont fucking buy this, maybe they will stop producing it.

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