Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exquisite Football Break

Cmon guys, lets get this filled and we can break next week! 28 dollars for two random teams and you will get the hits from the teams you get (dont worry about price if you have already paid).

To join, send 28 dollars paypal to and I will add you to the list tonight.

Spots so far:

1. Darkship (PAID)
2. houstoncollector (PAID)
3. Voluntarheel (PAID)
4. Voluntarheel (PAID)
5. Wheeler (PAID)
6. Wheeler (PAID)
7. Matt (PAID)
8. Alan (PAID)
9. YoDude91 (PAID)
10. Vosen8832 (PAID)
11. Enrique (PAID)
12. Bob (PAID)
13. speedlegg (PAID)
14. Cheeseeatingbird (PAID)
15. GlvSv37 (PAID)
16. Voluntarheel (PAID)

Also, after this, the breaks will go on hold for a while. The dog is coming home and I wont have time to do the legwork - the blog will remain as normal. However, if a frequent reader, who I know, wants to come on staff and do this - im good with that. Email me if you are interested.


  1. After so much hate on this product posted here and elsewhere are you surprised people are slow to jump on board.

  2. Alright, 'ya talked me into it! One slot, por favor. Payment already sent through PayPal.

  3. Geo - Im only breaking this product because a few people said they wanted it. National Treasures was my break, this is for them. But no, I am not suprised.

  4. Looking forward to the randomizer and the break. When can we expect them?

  5. The break will be sometime next week hopefully, the random video may be tonight.