Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anyone Want to Bust Some High End? PT 2

Ok, the NT break filled with record time, and it seems as though there are quite a few people who want to do it again. So, this time I am going to offer a couple of different choices for you. Hopefully they can both fill up and everyone can get what they want. The first box I am going to do only because it was what people wanted - not because of my own wants. So, if you want to get in on 2007 Exquisite Football, it will be 28 dollars per 2 random team slot (Dont worry if you already paid) - the price quote from before was innacurate. I apologize.

The second break will be for 2007 Exquisite Baseball Rookie Edition for my good friend Motherscratcher. For baseball it will be 11 bucks for your 2 random team slot, but every card is autographed, so I guess its a pretty nice deal.

Here is the deal, as it was last time. I will host the break, ship the cards, and take care of the publicity. You will each be randomly assigned 2 teams from your respective break as soon as everyone has paid for their slots. Any player pulled from those teams will be shipped to you at the completion of the break. If we dont pull anything from your team, sorry, thats the breaks.

You may buy more than one slot, but your slot is not confirmed until you pay. Please send all paypal payments to You will not need to pay extra for shipping, it is all a part of the break. I dont have any money to spend right now, so I will not be taking slots in either break. Hopefully we can fill both boxes, if we fill one but not the other, I will start the one box and wait for box two another day if needed.

Lastly, please remember this is pretty much buying a lottery ticket. You are not guaranteed anything, but you could end up with something awesome. With so few cards in each box, its a definite that someone will not get a card unless one person buys every slot. However, you could also get an Adrian Peterson Exquisite for 28 bucks if we are lucky (not likely).

Multi-team cards will be randomized, and cards will only be given to the player's team pictured on the card (Manny will still go to the Sox).

So without further adieu...

2007 Exquisite Football Slots (box and randomizer will be put on YouTube):

1. Darkship (PAID)
2. houstoncollector (PAID)
3. Voluntarheel (PAID)
4. Voluntarheel (PAID)
5. Wheeler (PAID)
6. Wheeler (PAID)
7. Matt (PAID)
8. Gellman (PAID)
9. YoDude91 (PAID)
10. Vosen8832 (PAID)
11. Enrique (PAID)
12. BoB (PAID)

2007 Exquisite Baseball Rookies Slots (same as above):

1. Motherscratcher (PAID)
2. Motherscratcher (PAID)
3. chrome1_1 (PAID)
4. chrome1_1 (PAID)
5. Darkship (PAID)
6. Dan K. (PAID)
7. houstoncollector (PAID)
8. Sam.nads (PAID)
9. Sam.nads (PAID)
10. Sam.nads (PAID)
11. Sam.nads (PAID)
12. Ethan (PAID)
13. Ethan (PAID)
14. Russ (PAID)
15. Russ (PAID)
16. Russ (PAID)

2007 Exquisite Football Stats:

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 6 cards per pack.

- 1 Exquisite Rookie Signature Card in Every Pack on average!
- 1 Exquisite Rookie Signature Patch Card in Every Pack on average!
- 1 Additional Exquisite Signature, Multi Signed, Autograph Memorabilia, or Legendary Cut Card in Every Pack on average!
- 1 Exquisite Jersey Card in Every Pack on average!
- 1 Exquisite Patch Card in Every Pack on average!
- Look for Rare Gold Boxes with All Cards in the Box Containing 1 of 1 Content!

2007 Exquisite Baseball RC Edition Stats:

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 6 cards per pack.

Upper Deck's Exquisite Collection is the only place to get the most valuable rookie cards of this year's incredible rookie class. Every pack includes one autographed rookie card, one multi-player autographed card, one autographed memorabilia card, and two additional autographed cards. Every other case will average a one of one autograph. Limited quantities, unlimited value.

12/14/07 UPDATE:
Many of you have asked whether or not there are veteran signatures in this product. The answer is absolutely yes, and there are quite a few!

A small sampling includes:
Derek Jeter
Ken Griffey, Jr.
David Ortiz
Jonathan Papelbon
Josh Beckett
Prince Fielder
Dice K
Hunter Pence
Joba Chamberlain
Alex Gordon
Cal Ripken, Jr.
Roger Clemens
Pudge Rodriguez
Vladimir Guerrero
Ryan Braun

Remember, at least five extremely low numbered signatures per pack! And all cards in Exquisite quality!


  1. I'm in for 4 teams exquisite baseball.

    I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I will have the Royals and Pirates, just try to throw me a bone with the other 2 teams.

    Thanks Gellman. I could try this on my site too. I might even be able to fill the slots by 2011.

  2. You could post a link to here, it may help the cause...

    But yes, I was taking advantage of the traffic here the first time around, but I think this break is more for the people who wanted it than me.

    Thanks for joining though.

  3. I'm in for one of each! thanks man!

  4. Darkship, I need your payment for the 38 bucks, please remember so I can mark you as PAID.

  5. I'll take a slot in both boxes. Paypal will go out today.

  6. What happens if it is a dual auto? Which team does it go to?

  7. Read the ENTIRE post, and then ill tell you if you still cant figure it out.

  8. yes, i read that multiteam cards will be randomized, but how? so if someone pulls a Jeter/Ripkin dual auto. Whoever has the orioles and yankees will basically flip a coin?

  9. Yup. So if two teams are on the card, ill put them into the coin flipper and whoever wins the flip gets the card. Thats pretty simple.

  10. See for great features.

  11. Awesome. I will take 2 spots for football. If we dont fill quickly, I may take a couple more. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. I will take 4 teams for the baseball


  13. houstoncollector and sam.nads, please send the paypal so I can mark you as Paid.

    Ethan, Im not sure if you are a different commenter on here, so I just put your first name. Let me know and I can change it.

  14. I'll take the last 3 baseball slots

  15. Ok, I have a bunch of people who want the last few spots. Sam.nads, houstoncollector, you guys will be bumped if we fill. Russ and Rob, pay and the spots are yours.

  16. next person to pay gets the last spot. Baseball Box will be ordered today for monday and randomizer video will be posted tonight.

  17. Gellman-

    Can I suggest something for your football break? I would break teams into Tier 1 (good hit teams like Vikings, Lions, Browns, Bills, Packers, Colts, Patriots, Steelers and 8 others) and Tier 2 (not so good teams in terms of star value, etc.) and have each slot get 1 random Tier 1 team and 1 random Tier 2 team.....that way not only is it a lottery but at least it is a lottery where you have a chance of something decent instead of being stuck with two sucky teams while someone else has a chance at 2 awesome hits. Just a suggestion (I would be more willing to participate with something like that being the case)....

    Also, did you see this:

    Topps has yet another production issue and this time it looks like they are making really good on it.

  18. I will definitely consider that for next box. Although it just makes things a lot more complicated and people have already had a ton of questions. We'll see.

  19. I totally understand the complication thing, but I don't think it would be too much more complicated they are still assigned 2 random teams it is just at least one of them has some collecting star power.......

  20. I understand, we can try it next time. In the meantime, email me a list of the two groups that you think would be good.

  21. Im actually going to take a spot too.