Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am so pissed at this gimmick card, because this is NO DOUBT a gimmick and not a common error. I say this because its obvious this card was supposed to be a multi jersey patch card spelling "OU" out in the diecut windows, but they screwed the collector, the hobby, and the entire fucking world by leaving it out. Here is what actually happened - they created this card with a space for an extra jersey, the wording is there, but they purposefully left out that second jersey!! GOD DAMN THOSE FUCKERS! I hate DLP and I will be boycotting all of their products. This is an insult to anyone who has ever collected cards and anyone who will collect cards. DOWN WITH DLP!!

/dripping sarcasm

See, its just as annoying when I do it...


  1. Dude, hilarious.

    Is there any way to put any gimmick card posts from other bloggers on ignore? These fucking people annoy the shit out of me with their bitching over that stuff. Go collect a base set and shut your lips.

  2. Hey man, there is nothing wrong with base set collectors. It aint for me, but I have no problems with them.

    But I am very fucking annoyed with people pissed over the gimmick cards, as you can tell.

  3. Chris? Don't I know you from somewhere?

  4. Awesome write my friend. Had me for a quick second. Looks like you got at east one. No hug needed for you.

  5. I meant Chris needs a hug, not Gellman.

  6. Yeah but it's also stupid when you do it. The collectors complain about them are actually collectors. Therefore, they have a right to complain. For someone who has supported all the products (low and high end), they shouldn't have to deal with garbage like that. How would feel if Upper Deck intentionally left jersey pieces off a select few Adrian Peterson Exquisite cards and you got one?