Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SCU Breaks: 2008 Premier Football

Wow, this was a break and a half. Im sure you guys will see what I mean from the video.

Here are scans of the highlights:

Matt Ryan Quad Jersey Auto /199 - See! I told you we had a 50/50 shot at pulling a good card. Luckily we pulled a goodie, and it doesnt stop there.

Early Doucet III Signature Premier 1/1 - Wow, a 1/1 as well as the Ryan? That is too cool. Congrats to the buzzsaw and the Falcons.

David Garrard /25 - I am posting this card because I think the design is cool. Too bad its not a better player.


  1. Sweet Action. That is what I like to call a Holy Hitter Extravaganza.

    Frank Gore
    David Garrard
    Matt Ryan

    Sorry I had to hit so much of the box......

    But man that Matt Ryan is sweet.

  2. LSU! LSU! LSU!

    Man I'm super pumped about that Doucet I hit. SUPER PUMPED!!!!!!!

    Thanks Gellman. That was fun.

  3. That Brodie Croyle card...does it feature any picture of Brodie Croyle on it?

  4. The manufactured stiching patches are horrible, a mystery to me how they can include them in a high end product.

  5. I am glad I could help fund such happiness for holy hitter and matt. It is my life's work it seems.

    Kidding, that's the way these things go! Can't wait till the next one.