Saturday, September 6, 2008

DAH DAH DAH DAH, Buh-buh buh-buh...

One of the first posts I ever posted, I said that MLB opening day was like my only religious holiday. Well thats not true. Tomorrow is like the Christmas to the Easter I have on MLB opening day. Its great. I love the day that is NFL Opening Weekend (the skins game doesnt count - its like the japan series).

But, alas, I have to wait until MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL for my Vikings to play. That sucks, but it is nice because I will be able to watch here in LA. That is a godsend for one of the biggest games of the Minnesota fan's year. So, with that, I give myself to the aura of the greatest game on the planet. Violence, athleticism, and a bunch of action packed games that have the tendency to go down to the last second. Its fucking beautiful.

Dont get me wrong, I love baseball, a lot, but this is my end all and be all. Sorry Twins, you are second pony right now. From today until January, its TJack and the All Day Funky Bunch for life.

Its funny that I put so much into this game with all the heartbreak it has caused me. I was there in 1998 when they had it won and threw it away. You could hear a fucking pin drop in the dome, it was awe inspiring in a bad way. Then, all you heard was a bunch of grown men resigning to themselves to a fate of having a bunch of choke artists for their home team. That was sad, and I was a part of that flock. Same in 2000 with forty one - doughnut.

Yet, each year, I pump myself up without remorse for the past. Every year I happily make the same mistake of cheering for the purple. "Every year they have let me down, but maybe this year is the year," I tell myself.

Recently I found out that the reason I do it every year has to do with a number of things. Its become more of forefront issue that the team may have limited years left in MN without a stadium deal. Same thing happened to the Twins, but that was a happy day when they won. However, its a little different with football due to profit sharing, so that may extend the timeframe. Of course, the state of mind never goes away when you have the poorest team in the game. Hopefully that will change.

Either way, its time to throw your inhibitions to the wind and play the game of games. Its time for football. Live this like its your last, corny song and all.


  1. Yes but if the Vikings don't get a stadium deal done, they may move to LA, Correct? I am also an out of town Vikings fan (Philadelphia) but not sure how I feel about them moving to another place. somehow it wouldn't be the same for me.

  2. Don't forget to change your FFB lineups - last night you still had Steve Smith in your lineup against me, and he's out for the first two weeks.

  3. Dude, I'll take Hank Jr over Pink any day, all day.

    I'm also excited as hell to see how bad my Bears are in about 10 minutes.