Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tales From TWGM 6: You Only Live Twice

From time to time, I like to peruse the high price listings of the card section of TWGM just so I can find comedic hobby gold. I warn you, stupidity is to follow. I dont even think the guys who sell this stuff are Coe Jollectors because they seem to be even dumberererer than that. Either way, I bring you...

*cue ominous music*


Wow, do me a favor and check out this auction. I swear to god, in all the auctions I have ever looked at, this title/subtitle could be the most asinine thing ever created. Check it out, "Graded BGS 9 Mint!! Looks like a 9.5!" Dont think about that for too long or blood may drip from your tear ducts. Yes, this idiot of idiots has not only graded his 1/1 George Washington relic, but he has actually thought that it may get him more money if he says it should have been a 9.5. Let me reinterate that graded 1/1s are like someone trying to sell Picasso's Guernica at a higher price because it is signed by the artist. Does it fucking matter? Beam me up scotty, there is no intelligent life down here.

Next I want to move on to something that Baffles me. Take a look at this 'card.' Its a nice cut, but would it pain them to frame a fucking picture with it? I mean, this is the one fucking format that would support the inclusion of an entire letter or check, so why would you put this three inch cut on felt board and call it a day? Its the most complete show of fucking lazy assery I have stumbled on in quite some time, or at least since the cosigners cuts from 2007.

Now for something interesting, if only because it happens less than it should. This seller is selling a twice signed Durant card, and you can tell that he completely fucked this one up. I am so suprised that this doesnt happen more frequently because I wouldnt expect the players to care THAT much where they sign on a card. I think the UD rep must have stepped in, because this is hilarious. Is it worth more than a regular card? Possibly a little. Is it worth 5,000 fucking dollars? Does Grizzly Adams have a beard? Fuck.

Until next time gents.


  1. Is that Durant worth more than the other 35 autos? I would say it probably is if he signed it twice. Is it worth $5,000? I guess we'll find out.

    As far as the George Washington auction. The funny thing is the guy mentions that Abe Lincoln hair card as a comparison. I seriously considered that Lincoln card myself, but in the end...the hair was just a little too short for my standards.

  2. I have the same opinion about grading 1/1 cards. A dog could chew it up and take a shit on it and it would still be the highest grade in existence.

    Stupid looking or not, I'd murder kittens with glee for that Cobb auto.

    As for the Durant, if the seller hadn't gotten greedy and tacked on the extra 35 cents I would have bid on it. Just so I could take it to a card show and have Durant sign it again.