Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Comment On Stadium Club Football

I was going to write a product review for Stadium Club just like I did for Threads, but honestly I cant find many good things to say about this product. The price point is an abortion at 170+ dollars and the cards look awful. I really thought this set had potential, but holy fucking fuck this stuff is not worth even a pack purchase. Topps has not understood the art of clear stickers, and I think it has become as ugly as the foil stickers that UD used FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO.

Not only that but all the stickers are off centered on the RC cards, and from what I have seen they are also embedded into the card stock. Are you fucking kidding me? You want me to pay 170 bucks for this? Its as bad as the basketball version.

Baseball collectors - WATCH THE FUCK OUT!!


  1. that Booty card looks like crap.
    I can't believe how ugly those auto cards look and how much they are charging for a box.

    None for me, please.

  2. I have to agree. I went to Ebay to look at the design, like I do for all products, and was far less than impressed with anything I saw. From design to photos. Jesus.

    I second that. None for me as well. Ever.

  3. From the looks of the Booty card, it looks like Topps hired some custom card makers from Ebay - the guys who make obviously fake patches/cut autograph cards and try to sell them as 'novelty' items.