Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Product Review: 2008 Donruss Threads Football

Unlike Triple Threads, Donruss threads is a pretty cool product. It is released today, and I have to say, it looks pretty good. Unlike Classics, where the base RC autos look the nicest, this product is a little different. Anyways, ill get to my normal format so that you guys can get a good look at stuff from this beast.

The Good

As with last year, the RC auto letters look really good. They are white bordered and show some good pictures of the players along with the letters. The bad thing is that the letters are not team colored, but at least they arent gold and red like the ones from SP RC Threads. Of all the letters out there, and with the awful Topps set coming out, these are pretty much right under limited and national treasures (both are player worn not manufactured) as the best looking on the market. They hold value too, so expect to pay top dollar now and later for them.

Another aspect of threads is the 4 hits per box, which other products don’t really have yet. That’s not the good part…

…The good part is that most of the jersey inserts and auto inserts look really aesthetically pleasing. The base RCs which contain jersey pieces are really nice, but are event used, obviously, so I don’t buy them. They also have a lot of dual and dual plus jersey cards with combos from old timey guys and new guys. Most of the time, the combos are pretty good.

The Bad

As with most product this year, this one is CHAULK full of no-name rookies who will never see playing time. It absolutely SUCKS when you pull an auto of these guys, hopefully you can get some good players in your box, because otherwise you pretty much wasted 120 bucks. I would like to see these guys as a secondary box hit in the future as some of them go on to be stars (Tom Brady, Hines Ward), but honestly, right now that is crap.

Another bad aspect of Threads is that the rookie letters are so rare. The top ones are numbered to 100, unlike last years 125, so its going to be tough to get a good pull here. This set would be a lot better if these were one every other box instead of 2-3 per case. On top of all that, there were a fuckload of ass-rookies at the premiere, so when you pull one, you may still get crap.

The Ugly

There really isnt that much bad stuff about this set, for once. I would say the worst thing is the design of the base cards. Man they are ugly and a half. Luckily most of the rest of the set is pretty good looking. Also the price point on this is fucking awful. Lets bring things down to around $80 a box please.

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