Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Could This Be The Best Ever?

Holy shit. This card is the most fucking "REDYKOLOSE" card I have seen in a long time. First off, you have a Jim Thorpe cut autograph, a person whose signature sells at or around Ruth when in good shape. Turn it over and you have a cut of Payton signed as "Sweetness." In all truthfulness, the Payton cut isnt that good, but at least its not a phone card.

Right now there is a reserve on it, so I doubt it will sell, but you could maybe expect that this may break the 10K mark if it had no reserve.

After viewing this auction, Im guessing the seller is just using eBay as his glorified photobucket, but seriously, he fucming deserves it after pulling this. The question is, how much did he spend breaking Exquisite to get this? Second question, how did Beckett not end up with THIS card in their boxes?

1 comment:

  1. WOW.. I am surprised that UD did not package that to Beckett. They must think the new Beckett sucks too!!!! LMAO