Friday, July 25, 2008

Why You Should Give Me Money, I Mean, Wish Me A Happy Birthday

Just a little over two years days ago I made an impassioned speech about why you should donate to the blog WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This time there will be no preaching. I was young and naive, having logged just seven short months as a card blogger.

Aw, fuck it. this idea getting stupid. Anyways, thanks to my wonderful finance for getting me a box of Topps HTA Fooball for my birthday. Here is a box break post of what I got. I dont have much time because I have to go to work (half day on the B-day), so enjoy.

I managed to pull a sweet performance highlight auto, I know that is probably an oxy moron this year, but it is true for me.

I opened the second pack and pulled this:

Not necessarily a mind blowing coolness, but still pretty respectable. I also managed to pull an Adrian Peterson gold league leaders base card something like 1987/2008, so it wasnt a complete all day-less box. I didnt manage to pull a RP auto, my second hit was an Allen Patrick performance highlight, so Im not sure what to think of this box as a whole.

If you need any of these, let me know. A big thank you to the GF for some fun this morning.


  1. Happy birthday man! Enjoy it!

  2. so I take it we won't be seeing the OMFGTHIS IS THE GREATESTALLDAYJOEANDAUTOJOEEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiot bomb over on the messageboards??? :) Happy Birthday anyway! Keep up the good work!

  3. Nah not necessary. Just have some fun! And wishing I had someone that loved me enough to buy me cards on my birthday instead of some of the other crap I get!

  4. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest bloggers around!

  5. Yeah, I was suprised because not only did she pick a good box, but the guy from my shop gave her a discount too.

    The box was still more than it should cost, but this is the one day per year where I dont care.

  6. You better run to ebay and find out what everything is worth, sell it, and invest your profits into a hobby that you actually enjoy.

    Yes this is anonymous, but if you need a name beside it to validate this point then I'm going with Mr. Mint.

  7. I'm sorry I forgot to ad the fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.

    Now I fit in.

    Sorry about that, I almost forgot.

  8. Who says I dont enjoy this? I very much like the cards/memorabilia I have.

    I seriously dont get why people say I dont enjoy collecting. I hate when people take advantage of others, and I especially hate when people act like idiots, but ill tell you, I love my cards. Dont even think for a minute that I would continue to write this blog if collecting meant nothing to me.

  9. I also love all the naysayers who come on here and post anonymous comments. I dont care that they do, I wear them as a battle scar, but I just think that its hilarious that they are too scared to post with a name.

    Its like they are afraid I will come to their house and beat them up like Jay and Silent Bob.

  10. You do relize that posting under anonymous is no diffrent than posting with a name. I could be a fourteen year old girl and get on your blog and say my name is Matt, or gellman, or any other name for that matter. The opinion in a post is no diffrent regardless of a name (real or oterhwise). I don't doubt that you enjoy this hobby and that only through venting your frustrations about every conspiracy that is out to get both you and and every other joe collector, do you feel vindicated in a way that makes you a self proclaimed martyr. Good luck on your mission to bring down the "machine". I only hope that in doing so you provide a justifiable equal to all those you wish to condem. Only then can you truely say that this is for the over all benefit of the hobby. Until then it is viewed as no more than just another rant.

    Happy Birthday and have a great weekend.

    Sincerly Yours,


  11. Self proclaimed Martyr, Mr. Henry? Wow, thats pretty deep. I mean, for someone who gave up their job to blog, wouldnt you be the one who sacrificed yourself to the blog gods?

    Listen, I do this because I have fun. Its fun to blog about this hobby because of all the crazy shit that happens on a tri-daily basis around here. If I was looking for supporters or for a change, I would talk to people who actually make the decisions. Instead I choose to voice my opinions in an online journal type thing, where syntax and sentance structure means about as much as book value. Thats why its fun... its not a job.

  12. You know, you could always just remove anonymous comments - it's a setting.