Thursday, July 24, 2008

2008 A&G + Taiwan = More Bullshit

Hey kids. Just to clarify, it's Charlie, not Gellman. My box break and review will be coming as soon as I figure out how to use my video editing software.

In the meantime, I decided to take a look on TWGM to see if I could find anything interesting, and to see whether or not my "pulls" are worth anything. The A&G Taiwan rip-card debaucle has already been well chronicled here, and here.

And now, we have these...........


If you'd like, you can check out the auctions here, here, and here. However, if you don't feel like looking, I can save you some time. THEY'RE ALL IN TAIWAN!! And they all implicitly state "NO TAIWAN BIDDER!!!". I, for one, am utterly shocked. The amazing part is, they all have bids. There must be some JC's closely monitoring all 3 auctions.

And yes, I know, we have our fair share of fake patches here as well. But what I'm really struggling to figure out is.......Why does all of the Allen & Ginter bullshit seem to happen in Taiwan. I need Gellman to begin an inquiry immediately.


  1. Holy shit, fucking nuts.

    I think its pretty obvious that they took off the outer coating to the card and then switched out the swatch. The cards should have one more layer of plastic.

    People will bid on anything. Im still waiting on a Stephen A Smith Draft Used Cheez Doodle.

  2. They may not have had to take anything off. Topps, in all of their brilliance and glory, leaves a hole in the front of the plastic so you can feel up the relic piece if you so choose.

    And don't even get me started on what the friggin Bruce Jenner autos are going for.

  3. An Olympic gold medalist? Kim Kardashian's step dad? All around good guy? Bad azz MC?

    Im guessing about a million.

  4. These cards may be real. Who would fake those three cards? It isn't like the patches are anything to look at and I doubt patch fakers would spend the time with inserts from a midlevel product.

    Maybe if you had an a strictly high-end product i.e. from the NBA/NFL with prominent cards featuring various patches, then there would be a reason for someone to be doing shady things to the cards.

  5. Larry, I would agree normally, but here I think something odd is going on.

  6. You know, it's my fault that I didn't mention it in the post.

    There is no mention of these on the checklist.

    I don't think there is a history of A&G including patches.

    I don't know that Topps has ever used a laundry tag, and usually when DLP does, they use the entire tag for the most part.

    There is also no mention of serial numbering, which you would think cards like these would have, and would be an important selling point in the listing for each card.

    Honestly, I'm mostly just going off of the fact that all of this shit seems to be cropping up in Taiwan.

    So is Topps just trying to build a good intl base by sending all of the Rip Cards and Patches to Taiwan?? Highly unlikely, and until it's disproven, I'm stickin with my theory.

  7. I was the Teixeira card last night and immediately thought bullshit. It's way too easy for someone with a bit of skill to take out the swatch and put in a patch. Plus the frames can be messed with as well. I pulled a bat card of some nobody last year where the bottom was actually opened up so you could pull out the mini card. Slip out the card, do some surgery on the swatch, slip it back in, a drop of glue and voila, instant patch card.

  8. Holy crap, there's a second weird Teixeira card on eBay...