Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why am I not surprised

Hey kids. I know Gellman usually covers the moronic eBay listings, but I figured being a Cubs fan, I should handle this one.

In case you haven't heard, Rich Harden is now a Chicago Cub.....


.....and the Asshat Derby has already begun on eBay. You'd be hard pressed at this point to find a Harden listing that doesn't now say Cubs next to it. My favorite entrant in the race is this listing here. I would post an accompanying picture, but apparently this guy's time is too precious to include a FREE picture of a card he expects $300 for. You gotta love it though. No autograph, it's not a patch card. It's just #'d to 50, oh and now he plays for the Cubs, so that make it 20 times more SICK MOJO valuable. I'm shocked that the guy didn't start quoting BV gospel all over the place.

Personally, I've never understood this concept. Just because your team trades for a guy, why the holy hell would you go out and pick up a bunch of his cards in his old team's uniform? I have been a screaming idiot die-hard Cubs fan my entire life, but I didn't go buy up a bunch of Reed Johnson Blue Jays cards, or Jim Edmonds Cardinal autos. I'm a Cubs fan. Always have been, always will be. So, why in the hell would I want a bunch of A's/Blue Jays/Cardinals cards? If the guy actually re-signs with the team, and you can get a card of that player in your team's uni, then go for it. Till then, why spend a ridiculous amount of money for a guy who might only be around for 3 months?

Well, whatever. Have fun paying your seller's fees doitch bag.

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  1. I hate when people jack the prices up when either someone gets traded or they die. Pretty sad IMO. Usually though the trades don't work out IE: Andruw Jones!