Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NOW I know how it feels

I just got back from Le French Boutique Tar-get, spent almost a hundred bucks on various food and sundry items, most of it going to my daughter. Damn babies are expensive. Anyway, when I go to Target I get to purchase packs as my special reward for being a good Daddy, as I did last week, today I bought one pack of Topps Series 2 (meh, except for a Presidential Campaign Card of Reagan v. Carter), a pack of Topps Chrome (damn, those blue Chrome cards do look nice) and a pack of Bowman. It was in the last pack that I got a hit, A Certified Scout's Autograph of Dan Ontiveros.

Yup, I beat the odds and pulled a 1:490 insert card. I should be jumping up and down for joy right? Except that I could care less about this guy, and only the truly insane master-set collectors would care about this set. I'm all for recognizing truly fine achievements in sports, but come on, SCOUTS? Do I really give a shit? Not only that, making it an extremely hard pull is fucking pointless. Make them just like the other shitty inserts, who cares if they're autographed. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the first time that ANY of these scouts got paid for their autograph, and what did they pay them anyway? I know players are paid a decent amount for their sigs by the card companies (I suppose), but don't you think that Topps must have gotten these guys for the cheap? Maybe MLB went to Topps and said, hey, we'll cut you some slack for having a license that is declining in value each and every year while we raise the price of said license each and every year, and we'll GIVE you guys 100 autographs from each one of our Major League Scouts. Some card designer said "Hey I can make a cool insert set with a map on it and some pushpins" and the worst autograph set imaginable was created.

Actually, I take that back, I can think of a worse Baseball autograph insert set - Mascots.

I'll probably redeem it anyway, sometimes they screw up and send something better. Sometimes not. There's only one on eBay right now (I stole the picture above from that auction) and it's a BIN from a store for five bucks. If I could get five bucks for this card, I'd take it. Hell, if I could get a nice Vlad Guerrero base card from a high end set, I take it for trade.

While I was doing a little research for the item above, I found this: Topps and some baby DVD company have teamed up to create and distribute special edition cards of current MLBers as Babies. Now, I have a 21 month old, and she's adorable. I'd love to get some cards made up for her, and I probably will at some point, it's not that tough, both UD and Topps have custom card programs. BUT, just because I want a trading card with my daughter as a baby doesn't mean I want one with David Ortiz as a baby, though he wasn't a bad looking kid to be honest.

No doubt this will piss off Topps collectors even more, because you get ONE card with each DVD, which will cost $20 undoubtedly, and they're in the 2008 Set Design, so they must belong to the 2008 Master Set right?

Actually it kind of pisses me off that they're only releasing certain teams right now, starting with the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox and Dodgers. Where's my frackking Angels? I would love to see what Vlad Guerrero looked like as a kid. Do you think he had dreads?


  1. Trade ya my "Guy who signed Randy Johnson" auto card for any David Wight base or inserts

  2. a - the MLB baby cards freak me out a little bit.

    b - I agree. The scouts auto cards are a real reach. I don't see the appeal.
    I will sell mine for .99 all day long.

  3. I wouldn't complain about the scout cards, Gellman. You know why?

    At this rate, I predict they'll be putting sticker autos of us card bloggers in packs soon and that shit would be cool...

    Leave the gimmicks alone until after they do that.

    I want to be famous...

    (speaking of which, I might start the process of trying to make that happen...Topps, UD - expect an email soon...)

  4. JV, actually this article wasnt mine.

    But yes, probably.

  5. Also, I curse whoever buys these DVDs for the cards. Gross. Seriously gross.

  6. JV - please remember that Gellman has a couple of helpers - me and Charlie.

    Though yeah, I love your idea about bloggers getting auto cards - I used to contribute to Pojo.com and their trading card game site - for contest prizes I obtained several copies of a Yugioh card and signed them, plus drew on the back. I serial numbered them out of 10 and either traded them or gave them away. It sure would be funny if someone sold one on eBay.

    Gellman - yeah if you didn't HAVE a baby and bought the DVDs for the cards, you're freaking scary. BUT, I know what the videos are about, they have a book line too, and they are kind of cute. If they had an Angels one, I'd probably buy it for my daughter.