Monday, July 7, 2008

OMGLMFAOROFLPOS - Even Beckett Hates Beckett

So, I was perusing the Idiot Bomb Message Boards and I came across this WONDERFUL little gem.


Some idiot Coe Jollector posted about wasting his five bucks buying the OPG for the hat drawn price of the Jake Long Playoff Prestige SP RC. He waited the standard 5 minutes before posting about no one answering. After a few more minutes, Dan Hitt, a Beckett Staff member said this:

"[...]If you wanted only the pricing for that one card then why not simply look at recent eBay sales?"

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS, NO FUCKING SHIT YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG! Ebay price is THE value of the card, there are no other reasons to look anywhere else. What's hilarious is that a Beckett staff member advised that eBay is the best place to look, especially due to the fact that Beckett's "crack pricing team" doesnt know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Fucking amazing. I am finally happy today.


  1. I think you are officially vindicated, Gellman. Congratulations!

  2. I love your comments....

  3. That takes the cake with even Beckett admitting that ebay is the real price guide. I will be cracking up about this for weeks

  4. No shit!? That's hilarious....

    I only hate eBay more than Beckett because I can't seem to make money back quick enough to buy more stuff that I won't be able to sell and make money back quick enough to buy more stuff that I...

    At least Beckett fills my head with delusions of grandeur! Topps Dick Perez Joba $15!?!? Thanks, Beckett...