Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lets Play A Game

I want to play a game that I have gloriously dubbed, "Singling Out Of A Wax Box." Wow, check out all its Majesty! Yes, so here are the rules, instead of me spending 95 dollars on a box of Donruss Classics at my local shop or from blowout, I will scour TWGM for 95 dollars worth of singles from the set I want to get instead. That way, I get what I want and its still Donruss Classics 2008.

Before I start this, I want to document something. From a box that will cost you 95 to get, arguably the best pull is a McFadden Auto. Right now, they are going at a 200 dollar clip, give or take a few bucks. Not only is that DOUBLE what All Day went for last year, but he is with a team that has one of the worst offensive lines in recent memory and a QB that is FOB (Fresh Off the Bench). The JCs are crazy here, but that also makes this pretty much the best pull you can get.

For me, I wanted a JDB auto, a Felix Jones base RC, and maybe a few other scattered cards. It would be nice to get an All Day auto jersey out of this set, but I think I will wait for Premier. So, lets break this down:

Auto: John David Booty-call /349. $29.99-39.99 for the card, shipping not included. I could have also gotten a Joe Flacco Auto here if I had seen it, but it was off the board pretty quick. Booty is a pro-style QB on a team with a shitty starter and even shittier backups. Flacco is good here too because I have a feeling he will be playing for a long time. The only problem was that he didnt play anyone good in college. Eh, toss up.

Base RC: Felix Jones /999. $12.99 for the card, 5-7.99 if you can wait 4 weeks. In my opinion, which is all that matters, he has the best looking RC base card in the set. He is on a great team, though he will be working with Marion Barber, so dont expect a lot of TDs to start unless he breaks a few from long distance. The JCs are all over the running backs this year because of All Day last year, though I have a feeling they will be sorely disappointed.

Base RC 2: I would go Brian Brohm or Chris Long here. 5-12.99 for the card. Brohm because he will be a Packer with a good shot at a starting job and its a spank looking card, and Chris Long because he wont have many releases after this year. You could probably get both.

Jersey Hit 1: Adrian Peterson Sunday's Best. Should be around 7-10 bucks for this card, and that is a really mean looking picture. Its not going to gain much value, but its still a cool GAME USED card to have rather than the event used crap from last year.

Jersey Hit 2: Tom Landry Timeless Treasures. $15-20.00 for the card. I like this piece because Landry doesnt have anything in cards before this other than Treasures 2007. For this kind of money for a jacket he wore, could be kind of cool. Better than a college jersey from DMC. Not to mention this card is a personal homage to a really nice DLP baseball set that really brought me back into collecting full swing in '04.

Card total: Around 95 bucks. That would be a nice box right?

Or we could all just pay 86 fucking dollars for a Wes Welker fucking auto jersey. WES FUCKING WELKER.

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  1. What's Booty going to do when the Vikings pick up Favre after the Pack cut him? ;-)

    I may invest in a little Booty speculation myself, but not real big I don't think--I don't know that I'm sold on him being all that good in the pros, since he was never consistent or spectacular at one of the top college programs out there.

    Add in a head coach that thinks he knows more than he does, and an OC that was overrated when he was a bad QB in college...could get ugly.

    Hope I'm wrong, though.