Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beckett Breaks Donruss Classics, I Break Beckett.

I thought we were going to finally end this whole fucking thing once and for all. Yet, like clockwork, David Lee decided that he just had to bust into a box of Classics. I guess you get that urge at Beckett after you have been busy ass-raping the hobby for a few decades.

Also, can someone please make me a Beckett boycott stamp that I can post on the site? That way more and more people can post it on theirs until the blogosphere is Beckett free.


  1. I don't mind making a little graphic for ya.

    Beckett is shit anyway.

  2. I found your blog a few weeks ago.

    I know some of the shitty things beckett has done, but what are some of the things they have done that has pissed you off?

  3. Dude, I dont have the time or the space to write that shit out. Sorry.

  4. Hey, at least they stopped with the stupid handheld videos around the building, and at least they didn't pull anything super great.

    They're still not that great of videos to watch. And it looks to me like they manhandle those cards when they're opening the packs...

  5. Just read the archives Bryan.

  6. 100 bucks for 2 rookie autographs and a Jim Brown jersey? I'll pass!