Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chris Cooley Collects Cards, Has A Bangin Wife

I read Chris Cooley's blog because of his exploits with Clinton Portis and because he is the Pat Neshek of the football world.

Today I found out that he gets the itch as well...

...Not that kind.

He wrote about it on his now infamous blog, and not suprisingly, he had no problem spending a lot of money busting some boxes. Granted, he has the money so it doesnt really fucking matter. Either way, I would read the post because its kind of funny, but more importantly, he pulled an All Day out of Chirography that isnt a bad card. Thats the way to get back into the hobby, huh?

I wish I had his luck...

...and his wife.


  1. That rocks so hard. I love the fact that he tried to pull his own card, rather than simply calling up his agent and telling him to call the card companies and have them send him a few.

    Remind me to blog about my experience with a player and his first card ever - it's a good story about Darren Carrington

  2. Nice find.
    I enjoyed reading his blog.
    He seems like a cool, down to earth guy.

  3. Damn...and here I thought I beat you to the punch. Don't know why my reader didn't show this story when I checked this afternoon.

    I didn't realize that he did have his own blog--I'll have to update that now. I like the pictures there better.

  4. So I am assuming anything posted featuring Chris Cooley will not have a 'Joe Collector' banner posted with it.

  5. That's interesting, man. That's fuckin' interesting.

  6. I know Cooley collects because at a show where he appeared, he managed to cut the line for autographs to get Stan Musial!

  7. his wife is pretty good looking but nothing compared to Neshek's wife- she's smokin!
    cooley seems like a cool dude though