Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Colt Brennan Better Be The One Bidding On This Card

If not, I have to use this:


Here is the auction for the 1/1 Elite status for Colt "Golden Child" Brennan. I am in total shock that there is some JC out there who is going to pay this much for a card from a guy who may not even make the fucking team. This auction puts the Selvin Young ones to shame, and I think the hobby has reached a new low.

Guess what? Even if he actually makes it on to the field, throws 20 TD passes and 3,000 yards his first year, this card will still NOT be worth what this asshat is going to pay for it. That being said, he will not be starting for a long, long, long time as the Redskins have Jason Campbell, Collins, and another guy, BEFORE Brennan, and will not hesitate to draft a WORTHY QB in a higher round to replace Campbell if they need to.

Besides, its not like Brennan put up stellar fucking numbers at a top school. He was good, in terms of a college QB, but was not pro-material because of his release point and range. He was also not all that and a bag of chips like the other 15 QBs that went in Rds 1-6.

Odds of Brennan starting within the next 5 years: 100-1
Odds of this guy being a loser at life: 1-1


  1. I have two words for you Andre Ware. If you think Brennen will be any better than Ware, you are nuts.

  2. How about these guys:

    Matt Ryan
    Andre Woodson
    Brian Brohm
    Kevin O'Connell
    John David Bootylicious
    Dennis Dixon

    Just to name a few. There are more, and they are all higher on the depth chart.

  3. agreed.

    If Chris Leak hasn't signed with a team, I would be surprised if Brennan makes a team.

  4. Tony - The Football Card BlowJuly 2, 2008 at 1:11 PM

    I don't get it--isn't ebay the ultimate price guide? And doesn't that mean that if 7 people are willing to bid on the card, and drive the bid up to $656 (or more) that the value of the card is...$656?

    At least today?

    Of course, I agree with you on Brennan--I think he makes a practice squad at best, and would guess he's playing in Europe, Canada or Arena league in a few years. At which point he probably won't get his investment back, if that's what he's hoping for.

    But he could also be a big Hawaii fan with deep pockets, who plans on just enjoying an extremely rare card of a player who brought Hawaii unprecedented success. And in that case, more power to him.

  5. Tony, I guess you have a pretty good point there. If you have the money, I dont fault you for spending it stupidly. But for that price you better have a lot of fucking money.

  6. Couple more names for you:

    Ryan Leaf
    Todd Marinovich
    Dan McGwire

    All three of those guys were highly touted out of college, and we all know where the top two ended up. The gutter.

  7. Tim freakin' Couch

    Check and mate.

  8. Tony is pretty much on. If you are going to make a claim that Beckett is no longer valid and that TWGM is now the determiner of value then you can't make "claims" about how this card will never be "worth" that. Yes, Colt Brennan is more than likely going to be a bum and yes many of his other cards will be worth a nothing, but at this moment in time the 1/1 auto of him is worth that amount of money. Will the person ever get a return on that card equal to what he paid? No, however either cards are for collecting or investing. It appears that if someone were willing to pay that price they are in it for the "collecting" aspect.

    TWGM is now the source of what a card is worth and in this instance at this particular time, some person paid more for a 1/1 Colt Brennan auto then a 1/25 dual auto of Favre and Marino or a dual auto of Sanders and Peterson. I don't know why, but they did. This is one of the effects of TWGM.

  9. well lookie seems that colt HAS made the team, and MAY compete for the starting job in several years. you can scratch woodson off your list, btw.