Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alright, You Win, This IS the Best Box Ever Of 2008 Donruss Classics

Warning, the following is:

I was going through the idiot bomb message boards checking on some A & G breaks, when I couldnt help but notice that this guy did indeed break the "BEST BOX EVER!??! MOJO!!!! LOOK!"

Recap ("HITS!!!!!!"):

Tony Romo Jersey /9 - 30 bucks (only because cowboy fans are stupid)

"Classic Quad Sanders, LT, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith!!! Holy Crap!!! MOJO! 81/100!" - $46

"DeSean Jackson Jersey Auto 10/10!!!!!" - 50 bucks, I cant see it worth more than that on TWGM

So, this was a box that BARELY broke even on the box price, and even if I am off a few bucks, its still not THAT much more. Of course, its not really about the hits themselves, its about the person posting them (and his use of more than 50 exclamation points during the course of his post).
Kill me now.


  1. "Tony Romo Jersey /9 - 30 bucks (only because cowboy fans are stupid)"

    ROFL, so true yet still funny as hell.

  2. Exclamation points aside.

    Shouldn't the bigger issue be that this was a very good box in terms of "hits" and yet a rare box like this one can hardly even get you back to broke even?

    The fact is most of us have an addiction to gambling. It is just our gambling gets us "pieces of cardboard" rather than a bunch of scratched off cards or absolutely nothing if we don't hit the lottery.

    Card companies have been working off this simple principle ever since "inserts" started to become the thing. It is all about maximizing price point by feeding the addiction. Nothing but a glorified lottery in which most of us lose. (but not those card companies or Beckett)

  3. Well, they arent that good of hits other than numbering on the back. The only reason that romo card is worth 30 instead of 5 is because it is /9. No one should care unless there is something so drastically different that makes it different.

    The quad is a nice card but really, its just four tiny swatches from four backs. That was the best hit of the box.

    The Jackson again, is only worth 50 because of the number on the back. There are probably a good number of these out there due to parallels.

    But, to answer your question, boxes should contain sell value up to what you pay. If you pay 100, your should get 100 back. But, it will never be that way, and that is understood.

    Now, if he had gotten an Emmitt Smith auto, instead of the Jackson, we wouldnt be having this conversation.

    However, I did mention it was more about the post than the hits. Not that you didnt see it, but just reinterating.

  4. Yeah, and that is why I said "exlamation points aside" to let you know I knew the real intent of the post.

    But I still say it was a box with great hits. As much as some of us might not give a rats about serial numbering, etc. It is a part of the hobby and a part of the game now and so it really is one of the better boxes.

    Obviously there are the awesome boxes that have Marino autos, Favre autos, etc. But for the most part many of the boxes you get are going to be able to reach a market price of maybe 1/2 box if you are lucky (and this gets to choice of people for autos/jersey cards, etc).

    Of course nothing will change as long as people like us and "JC" are purchasing the product so that they can make a profit. They will follow the trends.

  5. His post makes no mention of money, but you criticize him for being too enthusiastic about pulls worth too little. Should we be enthusiastic only, as you write, if the Ebay worth of the pulls equals or exceeds the cost of the box? If it’s not about the hits, why focus (in caps) on the money?