Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today Is National Base Set Collector's Day

Says me. 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter comes out today, and it actually looks like there are going to be a fuckload of problems with the collation for this set. Does that mean that no one will buy it? Hell no. Its really the first modern set to go full on into the entertainment/sports combo, and for this it kind of works because of the historical composition of the original A&G sets.

2006 was hugemongously popular because of the collectability of the base set, and the innovation of the minis, the framed hits, and the rip cards. It was a base set collectors wet dream. This continued in 2007, and now 2008 brings it back for a third year. For the first time, I actually might buy a box because I think this is the one set that is fun to open EVERY pack. Plus, with hits now falling as much as 24 per box, and 200 something per case, it cant hurt.

Charlie and JV are already in for a few boxes, so stay tuned to their spots for some A&G goodness. Plus if you are going for the base set and you need some help, im sure they will be more than happy to oblige. Ill post a review if Charlie decides to be lazy again, and maybe even a box break. We'll see, my birthday is Friday so there will be some extra money floating around. Oh, and Mauer and Morneau both have hits in this set, even though their base cards are pretty fugly, so if you pull either, give me a shout. Ill have my paypal ready.

Dont forget, if you are searching on TWGM, make sure you search for "___________ allen ginter" or "__________ topps allen" to get what you want. People are weird with the ampersand.

Lastly, if you are craving some breaks and there is no other possible way for you to watch, please put on a set of rifle range ear muffs and hit play below. Its completely awful, but it will give you a sense of what you want.


  1. A & G was the first "new" product that I really fell in love with immediately. I just might have to make it down to the card store today...

  2. Love that product, but that video makes my brain cry.

  3. I just have to convince the wife that this is more important than food. She's a smart girl, I think she'll understand...

    Riiiigggghhhhtttt...anyone wanna donate a box to your favorite sappy blogger, Treasure Never Buried? Anyone? Hello?


  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence Gellman :(

    I will actually be doing a video break for my boxes. I finally got ahold of a camera, so if you would like, I will post it on my page and on SCU.

    I'm also curious to see if you get as much shit about the rip party video as I did about the Beckett vid. Weird thing about the vid too, is that I didn't see very many autos. Although the one dude got 5 jersey cards out of his box! Looks like some serious coalation issues going on.

  5. Yeah, that would be awesome if you can post the vids.

    And yes, I like breaking your balls.

  6. You bet your sweet bippy this is a set collector's holiday.

    That isn't one of those Ass Master I mean Rip Master videos, is it? Sheesh, just link 2G1C next time.