Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alert The Idiot Conglomerate

Ok, people, seriously. Take a deep breath. These cards are not 24 little pieces of some player's relics. If someone was ever smart enough to take one of these cards apart, it would be easy to see that there are just long strips of "relics" and 24 sets of die cut windows.

A) These are some fugly ass cards
B) The player pictures are fucking small
C) They are fold out making them impossible to display
D) Who can fucking read this shit without sitting and thinking through it? It just looks like an awful jumble of scrabble tiles thrown onto a card.

Lastly, for half of these cards, Im pretty sure they arent even game used. ESPECIALLY if they are old timey players - look at all the white ass fabric on some of these. That is impossible. Who would actually want this crap?

Oh...yeah...thats right...


  1. Wow! That has to be one of the fugliest things I have ever seen. Bet someone has already dropped at least a c-note for one of 'em.