Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Add It To The Ever Growing List

Exquisite Golden Ticket Box Auction

Im not going to say anything about this other than from what people are saying, one of the five people who were involved in this event let Beckett build their exquisite box, and now it is being sold for a "REDECUELOS" price. Discuss.


  1. Funny, reading Mario's blog this morning about his dead car, and then seeing this auction - shit, I'd buy a car instead.

    Or maybe 15,000 lottery tickets, seems like you'd have about the same investment value.

    I hate this shit, this is everything that is wrong with the card industry in one serial numbered package.

  2. Add some more info: Upper Deck has asked the 5 people involved to keep their boxes hush hush until release, but none of them has spilled the beans even now.

    Something about this whole situation gives me that feeling of dread.

  3. I'm sorry, but there's NO WAY IN HELL that FIVE stinking trading cards are worth $15K.

  4. Give them credit... they said the box was 1/5 when it could be called 1/1 since each of the 5 boxes were different.

  5. Oh my God...

    They're not even hiding the fact that it's all bullshit anymore are they?

    It's like Willy Wonka kicked Charlie Bucket right in the nuts, took away his golden ticket and gave it to the CEO of his largest candy distributor in exchange for squeezing Slugworth's new product off the candy rack.