Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Topps, I Am Bored With Triple Threads

Yes, you have signed a bunch of new HOFers to your stable, and yes, you have added some content to the set, but in reality, I am way too fucking bored with this set to even think about wanting to buy singles. It seems like every year, this set has the same guys with the same cards and just different die cut windows. Last year, I was kind of interested to see what was added to make it better than 2006 and I was thoroughly disappointed. This year, although a lot of players have been added, the set really hasnt changed.

Personally, it just seems like Topps blew their load and tried to include as many of the CMG people as possible, rather than actually taking a new way to this set. They could have taken it a new direction with a new design, but instead we were forced to weather another year of the same triple autos, the same no-name rookie autos, etc. They finally had the tools to do a really nice set, but that didnt happen.

I first mentioned my disdain for Triple Threads when I created the aura of the now famous Joe Collector. Chris Harris may have completely butchered what I actually meant for a JC, but the concept remains the same when it comes to a JC's man-love for his Triple Threads. Hey, ill admit, it was actually a cool set in 2006 because it hadnt been done before, but in 2008, the only people who would actually spend the money on this crap would have to be a JC. Let me break down why:

Of an 18 box case you are guaranteed 18 auto cards. 1 will be a triple auto and there is also a guaranteed 1/1 auto too. Of course, these 1/1s are actually like 1/18, but thats a different post entirely. If you look at the rest of the 16 auto cards at least 8 of them will be no-name rising star auto/relics. These sell for an average of $1.99 on TWGM, and they are the reason I wont touch this shit with someone else's 10 foot pole. So, that leaves you a 8 autos besides the two 1/1s that will be worth your time. I would say 4 of these autos are base versions of some non-important player, leaving you with a mere 6 boxes out of 18 that will have something worth your time. Of those 6 boxes, I would say 1-2 will contain an auto card worth more than 100 bucks, and most of the time it those arent the awfully designed triple auto cards. As for relics, most of them will be 5 dollar cards unless you pull a rare president, foldout (still awfully designed), or Mantle(non-game used relics), Ruth, Maris, or Gherig Relic. So, for a $2000 case or even a $170 box, there is no reason to even think about busting this.

The new stuff isnt really that big of a deal to me, mainly because there is such a small chance that you would actually pull one. They have foldout double relic autos, but they are mostly just two crappy auto/relic cards put together, however. They added the 1/1 foldout jumbo patches, but these dont even contain an auto like the ones in Sterling, which were amazing, and there is no way to think you will pull one. Lastly they have added other 1/1s like the Presidential Sunglasses Cut, but again, you wont pull it.

Overall, im pretty much staying away from Topps this year, minus buying some singles out of chrome football and finest football. They have dropped the ball pretty often lately, and I am not one to move past that with ease. Plus, CAN WE PLEASE DITCH THE FUCKING FOIL STICKERS?!?

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