Thursday, July 24, 2008

Money Talks

I have done a lot of naughty things on this site, A LOT. Its pretty obvious that I use adult language (GASP), I make fun of people (NO!! GASP!!), and I have no qualms about badmouthing the biggest names in the industry (HOW COULD YOU?!?)(GASP!!).

But, as low as I am, I will never expect you guys to give me money for reading this blog. On the other hand, that is exactly what Ben Henry is doing. I wont even post the link because the post is below even me.

I saw the request on his site and I thought to myself about how awful that is. He says that he "deserves" it because he may have inspired you, or turned you on to something new, or a million other things. In response, I think the idea of blogging is not to make money, but to just have a fun place to post your thoughts. For some weird reason, Ben thinks that he deserves more payment besides the fact that he has made a difference for some people.

For me, It seems as though people (like some recent commenters) think that I write this blog to gain notariety, money, fame, and to make a difference in the hobby. If that were the case, I would be really sad *tear* right now as only about 300 people read this site per day. Yet, alas, I write because I enjoy writing, and it just so happens that this hobby provides a lot of good fodder for some funny shit.

Now, its also pretty obvious that I have not changed the collecting world at all, but its pretty cool that I have made a small difference to a select few people. Why would anyone need more than that? Personally, each time I get a cool letter from someone, that is reason enough to keep writing here. I dont think there is an email I havent answered and I dont think there will be. I love interacting with fellow collectors, regardless of whether or not they share the same viewpoints, and I hope people arent afraid of letting me know what's up. Hell, do you guys actually think I would turn down the opportunity to hang out with someone and bullshit about the hobby if they wanted to talk? Nah, im not that selective. In fact, I actually enjoy hanging out over at, one of the most MOJO infested message boards on the planet. You know why? Because they are genuinely nice people. I like that.

Fact of the matter is that there are too many people out for their own good in this business (and world for that matter). I hate on JCs and Beckett because it seems that fame, money and fortune are all they care about. Of course, cages are rattled and people get pissed, but its all worth it when you get comments like the one "A Fan" posted on the latest Beckett post. That's just plain fun, I even hung it on the wall next to my computer here in my parent's basement.

And yes, I do realize I have had a donate button on the side, but those days are over - so dont worry. Its all cool here in SCU land, and I hope everyone has time to go check out Mario's response to this whole thing too. H/T to him.

Oh, if you guys hang around long enough, my mom can whip us up some sick mojo food.


  1. Saw that this morning too (all the GOOD card blogs are on my Google Reader RSS feed, makes reading new posts SO much easier) and was pretty disgusted with it.

    I put a SMALL adsense box on my blog at the very bottom, just to see if it would generate any dough. BUT I would NEVER ask for "donations" to a blog. Either you love blogging for the sake of blogging, or you should get out of the business.

    Besides which, his blog, let's face it, is pretty damn dull.

  2. Its called getting too comfortable, which he has.

  3. In all honesty, I considered pulling him off my subscription list because of that post.

    Maybe I should.

  4. Totally agree with you. A lot of things have inspired me, but I'm not going to dish out cash for it. He should just consider it a compliment if people read his stuff. Great post. Thanks.

  5. "For me, It seems as though people (like some recent commenters) think that I write this blog to gain notariety, money, fame, and to make a difference in the hobby."

    You mean you're not in this for fame and money? Well fuck! I quit. So much for finding a blog and riding it to stardom.