Monday, June 23, 2008

Tales From TWGM

Has anyone seen this card? Holy fucking christ! I would have shit my pants if this ended up in my hands. Now, if there is one thing that has a large market, its civil war collectibles - and this is a doozie. I still stand by my mantra that our country's historical documents should not be destroyed for these purposes, but this is pretty cool none-the-less! Too bad they had to cut this card as it is because those signatures should be seen in all their glory.

Here is another card that I think is absolutely amazing from this set, as Edison and Einstein are two of the greatest scientific minds in the history of the world. I am so fucking glad that they couldnt get their hands on a Di Vinci auto to destroy, so this is kind of like a silver medal. That being said, wow. Both of the above cards are commanding the price of a car for the card, so I think that is ludicrious, but again, who would want to sell this thing? Its not like its going to lose value over time...

Next, I have something that I found kind of funny. Here is an auction for a guy who is selling a collection of patch cards from the worlds most faked over set. I dont think I have ever seen a non-fake from this set. Granted, some of the cards in his lot may be real, but this one is so funny that it isnt even close to being real.

A little background: Greg Maddux was on the 2000 All Star Team as a pitcher, but never played in the game due to injury. That makes this patch that much more hysterical that the donkey raper who made it didnt do all their research. Of course, only a Joe Collector would pay for something like this (especially numbered /25), but only the Joe Collectorist of the Joe Collectors would value it at $1500 for this auction. Please, please, please go check this out.


  1. Ok, so i asked this donkey raper about the cards and this is the answer i got

    hi , greg maddux was on the roster for the nl but did not play due to injury. all the cards i have are pristine , some might be centered or part of the logo but all are unique and one of a kind. the all star patch is part of the all star patch with the mlb emblem on it. the 2005 playoff absolute memorabilia is the most sought after cards and the most difficult to find wheather it is packs or boxes. thanks....brian

    - priv0623

  2. Annnnnnnd, we already knew that. From what I have found out, he didnt even make the trip. So, why make a jersey for a guy who wasnt going to be there?

    On second thought, why not choose one of the seven other all star games he was in?

    These guys get stupider by the second. Fucking douche bags.

  3. My guess is he bought these cards, and doesn't realize that every single one of them is a fake. Those big window cards are so easy to fake the logo. For the price of a Braves jersey, he is trying to get $5500 bucks. The fact he has so many of them is what tipped me off. But the card companies don't use All Star logos in their patch productions. Or if they do, it's a manufactured patch.