Monday, June 23, 2008

Buying Habits Of The Rich and Loud

Ever wonder what you would do in this hobby if you had a ton of expendable cash and the same wants you have now? I wonder all the time. Funny enough, if you are Keith Olbermann, you have a pretty big New York collection and a lot of money, yet your habits are pretty tame. I just stumbled upon his eBay feedback, and I must say that aside from some really huge overpays, he really doesnt do that many enormous purchases.

Personally, mine would be as follows (you know, just because I have a ton of extra money):

Case of 2003-04 NBA Exquisite
Michael Jordan RC Fleer - BGS 9.5 and above
Adrian Peterson 3 color SPA
Adrian Peterson 3 color Exquisite
Joe Mauer Logo Patch Card (any and all)
Tom Brady Contenders Auto
Peyton Manning Contenders Auto
Ladanian Tomlinson Contenders Auto
LeBron James Exquisite RC Patch Auto
Michael Jordan Auto - from some nice set
Case of 2007 Gridiron Gear
Case of 2007 Leaf Limited
Case of 2007 SP Authentic
Case of 2007 Exquisite
Alex Rodriguez SP RC BGS 9.5 and above
Joe Mauer Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Auto
Season tickets to the Twins
Season tickets to the Vikings


Anyone else?


  1. Ummm, you don't think $7500 for a 2006 Topps Alex Gordon is an "overpay?"

  2. I'd start with a Gem Mint 10 1975 George Brett rookie. But who knows what else....What ever looks fun I'd say

  3. A crap load of New York Giants cards. All the vintage I can get my hands on.

  4. Old school packs?

    I'd probably be too busy starting new Web sites, if I had enough money to buy that kind of stuff.

  5. I'd start with 1 of every Andre Dawson Cubs auto or patch ever produced. Which I would probably never be able to finish.

    And every case I ever feel like busting.

    It would probably just lead to my own shop!