Thursday, June 26, 2008

K-Love is a Grizzlie

Heh, 2nd time that two UCLA players have gone in the top 5 - according to Stephen A. Lucius Allen and Kareem were the first. If K-Love and Westy have half the career that Kareem and Allen had, I'll be happy.

Time to scour eBay for #4 and #5 Redemptions.


  1. Annnnnnnnd K-love is a Timberwolf. What the fuck?!? I am so pissed that McHale is the Matt Millen of the NBA. What a douchebag. Trade a potential future all star for a role player. Blechhh.

  2. Hmm...say what you want, but I believe that K-Love will have a better career than Mayo. But yeah, I woke up this morning and was fairly - er - shocked.