Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Product Review: 2008 Donruss Elite Football

Well, the first product that actually holds value for the top guys is here. The bad thing is that these guys are still in their fucking college jerseys!!! Goddammit I hate that with a passion. You have photoshop, you have jersey mockups, fix it! Of course, the set isnt trashed just because they don’t do what I want. So without further adieu: my usual review (ryhme intended).

The Good

You know, there actually is a lot of good for this set. First are the actual base and rookie cards themselves, they look really nice the way they are set up. As the numbering gets lower, the cards become diecut, which can be annoying, but I love the creativity in making diecuts these days. This contributes to the fact that besides a lack of pro jersey pics, the rookie autos are ones I would actually want. The diecut ones are cooler than I expected this year, and the foilboard looks good with the base design.


Secondly, kudos for Donruss for actually inserting game used stuff for the 2007 RCs. FINALLY. I sent out my usual feelers and got back some good responses from sellers on the world's greatest marketplace. That is huge in my mind, as before we were still stuck with fucking event used bullshit.

Thirdly, the jersey cards for the set are pretty good looking and creative, and actually look like they are in the right place. Prestige's were an abortion, and Elite blows them out of the water. Kudos +2 for firing the guy who placed the swatches on the last cards.


Lastly, although none have turned up yet on TWGM, I have heard that the passing the torch autos are back. YES! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! These are stil some of the best cards I have ever seen, and the checklists for past sets has been the best use of dual autos, ever. I hate duals in most of their incarnations, but these are so well put together, im cool with them. In the past, these were on card autos, we shall see about now.

The Bad

Parallels, parallels, PARALLELS! What the fuck DLP? Do you really need to do this instead of creating a better set building technique? It seems like this set is worse than triple threads when it comes to this shit. Enough is enough! Regular and Gold, repeat after me, Regular and Gold is all you need.


The Ugly

Scrubs is a great show on NBC, but having them as the focus of your product is fucking stupid. There are so many scrub autos in this set that I will not be wasting my hard earned cheese on a box of Elite, despite the above. I hate that manufacturers include these as a box hit, they should have their own disclamer set for hits, "2008 Elite with one RPS Auto and one non RPS auto per box!" That way you can still have autos from people like Tom Brady, as well as people like Peyton Manning. EVERYONE WINS. Except for the people who would pull white boy Jordy Nelson.

Overall Grade: B+

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  1. The design isn't too bad though I prefer if they just kept it as in action shots. If you're going to photoshop the guy out of the background, you might as well go ahead and shop him into a pro uniform.

    I agree with you about the parallels. I shouldn't have to collect a fucking rainbow to get all the cards of a player I want. Those damn things are there simply to drive up the price of the box.