Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Basketball and Baseball Are Not My Forte

Just throwing this out there:

If you have a better understanding of Basketball Cards or Baseball Cards than my basic knowledge, I would love to pass off that part you know best to you. I would give you access to post your own articles on here and you wouldnt have any requirements as to posts per day. Im just looking to add some breadth to this site. All I ask is that you are a relatively good writer and you have a lot of the same feelings that I do (meaning, I dont want to post conflicting viewpoints).

If you are interested, drop me an email with some info on you, and include a sample article if you want. Im not expecting too much interest in this, so it shouldnt be too competitve. Just seeing if anyone wants a place to vent.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I will give access to more than one person per sport if I feel necessary or if there is a lot of interest in this. I will expect a few things from each person, like product reviews, so expect that at least. Baseball is slow right now, but Basketball still has some good products to come out - MAINLY EXQUISITE. Also, if you even think of posting maildays or card of the day/week posts without my permission first, you will be axed/exiled immediately - start your own blog for that. I am looking to keep the general feel of the site as is, so be advised. Thats it, hopefully someone with some knowledge will sign on.

Charlie - see comments.

The site email is in case you havent found out already.


  1. cool, looking forward to getting this going.

  2. Hey Gellman,

    I think you've seen my writing on my site and yours. I think we're closer to being on the same page than any other blog I read :)

    I would be thrilled to contribute to your site. I try to keep mine a little clean because I know my family reads it, but I would be thrilled to loose my venom on Topps, or whatever else you'd like to see on the site. Let me know.

  3. charlie, Im more than happy to have you as a contributor for the baseball part of the site. Please create a blogger account, and send me an email with your perferred email address.

    Also, for other guys who still want to do this, I will accept more than one person for baseball and basketball, but I will not accept any articles that are "card of the day/week" type stuff. I want real commentary and real issues. Top 10s and lists are fine as long as you include the whole list in one post. No drawn on shit. If you want to talk about baseball/basketball in general, thats cool too, but make it interesting.

    Wildwill, I have not gotten anything yet, looking forward to it.

  4. Football is my sport of choice but if you ever happen to open up an Ass & Titties section on the site, let me know. I have extensive knowledge of those subjects.

  5. The rants on geo's Ass and Titties blog would be priceless.

  6. Good lord, I just looked at the SCU Commentors rankings. I'm practically already a writer here.