Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have always wondered something about exquisite and national treasures - even triple threads. Why don’t the hits come in top loaders like sport kings or in uncirculated cases like box loaders? The packs are completely unsearchable and it should prevent a lot of damage to the card. Makes me wonder what kind of monkeys don’t think up this shit.



Prevents corner damage and other factory damage from when the people mess up the packaging.

Adds another level of complexity so that the donkey rapers would have a very tough time replicating the seals. Its still possible to fake, but it would be that much harder.

Takes business away from grading services. That’s a good one. Why send your encased card to BGS when its already in the case for good?

Easier to store the ginormously thick cards in their already primed holders. No need to figure out which point holder to buy. I hate that!!


Cases or loaders could be ugly and awful.

Raises cost of box, despite the fact that it shouldn’t. I would much rather have encased cards than an ornate box like NT and Exquisite both have.

Takes business away from people who sell supplies - still not that big of a deal.


In the end, we all just get screwed over again when we pull the box hit out of our pack and its destroyed. No one cares except for the guy who paid 500 bucks for a box that has damaged cards, right?

Personally I think all boxes should have encased hits anyways. It would save me the time with all the base and I wouldn’t have to worry about damage. I mean half the products are already going to tin form, why are they patronizing us by having us open packs inside them? Just give me my hits and shut the fuck up. I don’t need my 200 dollar box to have a pack in it (Im looking at you Exquisite Baseball and Triple threads), I just want good cards that arent damaged.

Really, is it that hard to give us what we want? Guess so, this industry is laden with ass jockeys.


  1. Gellman you can be incredibly naive sometimes.

    Of course it's not about giving you what you want. It's about taking your money and you will gladly hand it over because they know that if they tell you there's an uber special Peterson card in there and price their sets just high enough to make a pretty good profit but not so high as to drive away too many high end collectors, you will mostly buy it and it a lot of cases, more than once.

    Hell they could wrap their cards in newspaper and rubberbands and you would still by the thing. Of course you'd bitch about the cards being so mistreated but by then, they'd already have your money.

    They've been playing the money game a lot longer than you have and know just what to do to make sure you keep buying.

    Of course when I say you, I really all of us.