Friday, June 6, 2008

At It Again

As much as I hate to labor on one particular person, I really find myself more and more stupified each time I read Ben Henry's blog. He tries to create these ideas which he thinks everyone will jump onto, when in reality its just all a big ego trip. I think of him as the "Barney Stinson" of the blogosphere.


His new post describes what he calls the "Gimmick Card Era" in sports collecting. He spends most of the post talking about how tiresome these cards are, and spends the other part how he thinks they are "fun."

"Gimmick cards, when handled individually, are fun. Whether a dopey parody, a card written in Japanese or an obviously doctored photo, it's fun to get a card that's different from the rest of the set."


No, gimmick cards are lame, plain and simple. Not only because their nature is a dumb attempt to lure people into buying an otherwise shitty set, but also because the jokes are worse than Carrot Top at a church sponsored show. Now, this has only happened in two of the lowest end products in collecting, so I would hardly call it an "ERA." Granted those sets are widely collected, but it is far from widespread. I would more likely call it a "gauge the public reaction before we strike out for good" experiment.

Oh, wait, my bad, I totally forgot! You actually liked the squirrel card from last year, and you were pissed when your collection of them became worthless on eBay. I guess that excuses this all. Go about your business folks, nothing to see here.

Except this:



Be sure to check out Chris at Stale Gum , Charlie at Hawk to the Hall, and Mario at Wax Heaven, because they have written extensively on their hatred for these cards. Chris even dropped some f-bombs, something that suprised me a little, but I guess thats how much he hated these fucking things.


  1. I tolerated gimmick cards until the added them to the goddamn base set.

    I'm dumbfounded however that the squirrel cards have not retained their value. I need to go on eBay and get a bunch cheap, I'm predicting a big year for rodents in '09.

  2. 2009 is actually the year of the Ox. My Babe the Blue Ox Paul Bunyan game used Utter card is going to skyrocket!!!

  3. Chris and Mario get enough hits already Gellman. How about a little love for the little guy :)