Thursday, June 5, 2008

2008 MLB Draft: Welcome to MN, Mr. Hicks...

With the 14th pick in the 2008 MLB draft, the Minnesota Twins select the same guy they picked last year, so to speak? Aaron Hicks, a HS outfielder from CA, is a guy most known for his arm strength, speed, and defensive ability. One thing he is not known for is power. What a surprise right?

Last year with Ben Revere, all name jokes aside, the Twins got a gap hitter who is faster than hell. This year, they drafted Hicks, who has a lot of the same tools that Revere has. The plus is that he is over 4 feet tall, unlike Mr Tiny - but that may work against him as he only weighs 170 lbs.

Either way, I have been studying Twins draft picks for the last few years and it seems like a lot of them never went anywhere. Although common for the draft, its kind of shocking that your first rounder wasnt a sure bet for the show.

Good luck Mr. Hicks, you probably will need it.


  1. Where in LA do you live? And do you root for/follow any LA teams?

  2. Too bad he wants to play OF, because I was reading about how he could be a stud pitcher and quick to rise if he chose that route.

  3. I heard that too, plus I saw those videos of his breaking ball and fastball - YEESH! Looks pretty nasty. I dont think he will be a pitcher though, but who knows with the Twins.