Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fake Peterson Logo Back Up On Ebay

When 2009 Ultimate Football came out, I was very excited for a number of the cards in the set. None more so than the Ultimate Patch Auto cards, which were beyond awesome. The Adrian Peterson from the set was one of the cards I HAD to have from the product and I set out to buy one as soon as I could. The first one that was posted was a blurry picture but still good enough to bid on. Not willing to wait, I offered the guy almost 50% more than I expected the card to go for, but he wanted to let it go. Less than 3 hours later, another one showed up on ebay, this time with 3 color patches, to which I hit the BIN as quickly as I could. Funny enough, that price was less than I offered the first guy for his one and two color patches Peterson.

Moving forward in time, the person who ended up winning the Peterson I originally bid on wasn’t exactly the best of people. The card, number 6/10 was put back on eBay with two reebok logo patches and a shield logo tag patch, hiding the serial number and expecting people to not see what's up. Obviously, since I had been watching all the Ultimate Patch cards, this one set off red flags immediately. Eventually someone brought to my attention that this card was the one I had previously bid on, and it had been destroyed for nefarious purposes. Regardless of my proof, the card was sold for a lot of money, again to someone who didn’t take the time to do a simple google search.

Well, its back up on ebay, and this time, the person wants even more money than it sold for originally. Stay away, stay FAAAAAAR away.

EDIT: Looks like the card has been taken down and replaced with something else. Maybe the seller was notified it was fake and actually took it down like a good person should.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. It's a shame people ruin cards like this. The patch on the card before it was ruined really was a nice patch, no need for this.

    Any chance you will be doing any Scam Watch posts on basketball and baseball cards? Thanks again for the investigative report!!!

  2. take a look at ebay user ID pinbreaker, auctions #'s 330446216474 and 250680916463. Two perfectly good harvin ultimate rc's now ruined w/ doucebaggery.

  3. And the great thing about this card is that this will be the only one with the Reebok logo cause the person used it up for this card, notice how its pictured on the card to try and make it even more authentic.

    I tried clicking on the link you provided for the card but it's no longer there, I'm hoping no one paid this amount and the seller just decided to take it down and realize he has taken a loss.

  4. Actually, both of those are legit from Upper Deck. He is a VERY prominent board member who posted on those cards 2 days after the first Ultimate Harvins went live. They are real and spectacular.