Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Panini Certified Looks Worse Than Anything Yet

Leaf Certified Materials, now Panini Certified has been around forever. The Fabric of the Game subset has produced some amazing cards across the span of the product's existence, and it is usually a celebrated part of the football calendar. Over the last few years, Certified has gone from a celebrated product to "meh" to absolutely terrible, and this year's set may be the worst thing I have ever seen to come out of Panini's house. Although we only have a few cards from the set, the common theme and design of the product is so bad, that I actually laughed.

The fact that Panini is willing to stake one of their most popular sets on a shitty design like Certified showcases this year, makes me wonder if the people over there are even trying with football anymore. If this year's National Treasures Basketball is any indication, its not like they are focusing on the Basketball designs either, so this begs a very important question: WHO HIRED THIS BUSH LEAGUE DESIGN TEAM? Jesus, this is just terrible.

Starting with the base cards, it looks like someone was carrying the printing plates and dropped them on the floor on the way to the press. The result looks like a fractured mirror and it looks absolutely horrid. When you add in jersey and autograph in typical Panini fashion, like they did for the rice, it becomes a complete and utter Dexter McClusterfuck.

Oddly enough, the only cards that anyone cares about are not present in this preview, and those are the freshmen fabric cards. Last year's werent a complete disaster like 2008, but they still left a lot to be desired. I figure these will shape up more like the 2008 than anything, if not a hell of a lot worse.

Lastly, the Fabric of the Game cards don’t look terrible, but that isnt the point. They are basically the 2009 design with minor tweaks, and that is BEYOND frustrating. It shows that Panini is getting very lazy with their updates, and its going to be a long time before we get any sort of innovation again.

Panini, you are heading the way of worry faster than I can say Ndamukong Suh, and that is a pretty scary situation for football collectors who depend on good looking cards to build their collection.


  1. nothing is ever good enough for you is it, i enjoy reading your blog but now its nothing but negative crap from you, everything looks shitty, every company sucks blah blah blah i mean come on dude, that manning mirror patch looks awesome along with the rest, i think you need to go try to get a job at one of these companies or something because clearly theyre all too stupid and according to you its very very simple, i think panini did an awesome job on national treasures basketball, along with quite a few other products, yes each company has room to improve but dude seriously, this hobby isnt for you if all your gonna do is trash every single thing that comes out and every single thing a company does i.e.(blog on peyton manning signing exclusive with panini, you flip out about it, then o shit you were wrong)

  2. Looks like every other Certified set design to me. I really can't tell the difference from year to year. I don't see why you think this year is any worse in particular.

  3. Grif, if you like it, you buy it. I hate it, so I wont. Glad these cards float your boat, but for me, they are some of the worst I have ever seen.


  4. Actually, the Peyton Manning patch is terrible, seeing as how I didn't know it was a mem card until you mentioned it. The Jerry Rice card has his head in a helmet and that's all you can see of him. The worst is the Bradford card. The patch should be so much bigger and if they are going to put the patch cut out as the shape of something, do better than just the outline of the number. Yes this blog does rip on a lot of sets, but this isn't the one to stake your rebuttal on...these cards suck. bad.

  5. Another Horrible product from Panini.... go figure

  6. Don't really mind the Manning. I like the fuzzy to sharp framed aspect to the picture.

    The Rice is just horrible. Agree on the FOTG Bradford. Looks way too similar to last year. But the king of crap is the Favre.

    'Shirt of my Back'? Really? Why not, 'Patch off my Jersey'? Or 'Ink Signature on your Sticker'? Or even 'Picture of me on Cardboard'? Soooo Lazy.

    That may be the worst insert set name ever. Ryan? Thoughts?

  7. see where Panini signed John Wall to an exclusive deal?