Thursday, July 15, 2010

Triple Threads = Ratings

Topps released pictures from my absolute favorite set of the year today, and I think you will see why its my favorite each and every year it comes out. With what we saw from the 2010 set in the preview, it brought nothing but everything we expect from a Triple Threads set. Horribly designed cards with stickers built into the layout, so that they draw the eye away from the train wreck below. Cards printed on eye obliterating bright neon foilboard with more parallels than Panini could shake a stick at. Fold out booklet cards that are more concerned with spelling out obscure accomplishments in confusing die cut windows than actually making the card something to collect. A 180 dollar price point for two hits, one of which does not have an autograph. It makes me feel dumber knowing that I associate with collectors in this hobby that think this is ALWAYS the product of the year.

See that paragraph above? I wrote that two days after the release of the preview for the 2009 set. Almost 365 days ago. This set is so utterly predictable, that I could write an intro without even knowing what the 2010 cards would look like. In fact, these cards are so much more like 2009, 2008, and 2007, that there is not a visible difference other than the players on the card. I guess thats what you get with Topps High End. Overpriced boxes with ugly cards that only appeal to the people who dont consider what the actual product looks like, as long as it is stuffed full with "OMG MOJOZ!!!!111!" cards stuffed with 280 jersey pieces and five billion 1/1s.

I dont even think I need to say anything more about it. Its all been said before. Here is the preview, have fun. Im out.


  1. Jesus, you hate Triple Threads and love Chrome and Authentic. We get it already. You post your opinions like they are facts. If people didn't like Sterling and Triple Threads, Topps wouldn't make them. People like them, you don't. Write about something else you hate. Do you know how people think Chrome and SPA are INCREDIBLY boring? 5 billion base cards with 5 million slightly different colored base cards slipped in. SNORE!

  2. Triple Threads is disgusting, and just cause a million people buy it doesnt mean its not ugly as hell. It means capitalism works. Give the people poop on a stick and color it, if there dumb enough to buy, company's are smart enough to keep selling---