Thursday, July 15, 2010

Im Running Out of Descriptive Words For Ufjumper7

Ufjumper7 takes the word douchebag and makes it a culture. Im pretty sure he has it tattooed on his lower back. Sadly, he has expanded his criminal empire further into baseball with this Albert Pujols hilarity, but at least its so obvious that only the most uniformed portion of the uninformed would even consider bidding. Either way, he has posted so many ridiculous fakes lately, that I can barely keep up:

Reggie Jackson Topps Sterling Tag Patch - How can anyone in their right mind think this is real. Im actually wondering.

Randy Johnson Ultimate Logo Patch - ANOTHER AMAZING PATCH FROM ULTIMATE! He is officially the luckiest guy ever.

And the usual football greatness as well:

LeSean McCoy Certified Freshman Fabrics - These cards only have jerseys in them, but he has put in patches without doing his research. Again, that wont stop people from bidding.

Chris Johnson Exquisite Logo - Its actually funny how commonly faked these cards are. This is even worse because its that much more obvious.

Ray Rice National Treasures Logo - Im starting to wonder if he is going out and buying these patches in bulk, because this one isnt even close.

LeSean McCoy SP Authentic Auto Patch - I don’t need to say anything more than "ugh."

Brett Favre National Treasures Patch Auto - Such a terrible card to waste when faking. Its become practically offensive.

Percy Harvin SPA Auto Patch - WOW! His third logo from the crop of Harvin redemptions he bought. Imagine that! I cant believe he actually got ALL three color patches and logos! Funny how that is!

I actually want to create a special exhibit for him in the patch faker hall of fame. His bust is already displayed next to Kevin Burge, but he needs his own wing. Thank you to all the readers that send these to me, it really makes my day.

EDIT: Here is a listing of all the cards Ufjumper has bid on or bought. Funny how most all of them are single color and or undesirable. Maybe he should cover his tracks better. I love the Chris Johnson jersey he bought.


  1. I new around here, but from what I can see you're doing good things.
    Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Do these patches look familiar? (Bought back in April by this guy).

  3. Funny thing is, the Chris Johnson full jersey he bought is going to be cut up and put into the Johnson card he just bought around the same time. Or even inserted into other card he has laying around. What an assclown he is.