Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dual Autos Rarely Reach This Level Of Awesomeness To Me

I have always been a person who doesnt always think that adding multiple players to a card is the best idea. This is especially true with adding rookie players to cards with HOFers, and adding unproven future stars to cards with established stars of high value. The reason is pretty simple, and it mostly has to do with the fact that careers in pro sports can change in an instant. Then, instead of having a valuable auto of a great player on a cool card, you instead have something like this, like this, or like this.

Because of the problems present in creating multi-signed cards, I rarely buy them unless I am ABSOLUTELY sure that all players on the card are worthy of being there. Otherwise, its going to be something that could potentially ruin a great card. Ill give you an example from my personal collection, a dual auto of Adrian Peterson and Gale Sayers. Sayers has very little chance of ruining this card, and actually adds quite a bit to this dual because of how similar him and AD really are. I love great running backs, and I want to own autos of all the top guys. Having a card like this is great because it combines my target (Peterson) with a running back that I know is worthy of being on this card (Sayers).

I wasnt really in the market to add to the multi-signed cards in my collection, but then I saw a card pop up on eBay that I NEEDED to have. I gathered up as many of the junk cards in my box as I could with the intention of selling enough of them to make the money to buy this card. Not only does it have my favorite player on it, but it has another signature of a running back that deserved a place in my collection. Emmitt Smith's autos go for a lot, mainly because he is a Dallas Cowboy and a hall of famer with a few rings on his hand. Not only that, but he charges a ridiculous amount to sign, and isnt featured prominently in most sets as a result. When I found out that he was on a card WITH AD himself, I almost freaked. Luckily, I got it at a price that Smith's autos usually go for anyways, so the Peterson is really a bonus. It looks cool and is VERY low numbered.

Color me ecstatic.


  1. Congrats! Always nice when you feel like you got a deal.

  2. Wow you just had to use the only Jeter auto I own as my first example didn't you. I completely agree though. I have a few duel autos I bought back when I didn't have much money to put into the hobby as I do now (Romo/Stienbeck, Steven Jackson/Kevin Smith) and now after upgrading my collection they look like junk. The one good thing about them though is they will drive down the price of a big stars auto to a price where kids or anyone who doesn't have a ton of money to put in cards can possibly afford to but a certified auto of their favorite player. I know when I was a kid I would be so happy to know I had Michael Jordan's authentic signature even if the card was also signed by a no name player.

  3. You got it at a nice price too. I've watched it sell twice, once at $220 and next at nearly the same price. Great add!