Friday, July 2, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Upper Deck SP Prospects Is BACK!

For those of you who love prospecting, this may something you are very happy about. I just got confirmation that Upper Deck will be entering the Baseball market again thanks to their NCAA license with 2010 SP Authentic Prospects Baseball. SP Prospects has been off the market since the earlier part of the last decade, and was usually a favorite of prospectors as an alternative to the Bowman products. Well, its back, and Upper Deck is hoping that it will have similar popularity as it did before.

The product will be NCAA branded and should feature prospects from this year's draft through the CLC licensing that Upper Deck owns exclusive rights to. The product is scheduled for 10/12 as the release, so that should leave a lot of people time to save up to buy. There is no word yet on whether Bryce Harper will be making an appearance in the set, but I would guess that the top college picks from this past year will be included.

Per the info here is what is included in each box:

- 5 autographs
- 3 foil numbered parallels numbered to 799 or less
- Each pack will have either an auto, a parallel or a "platinum power" insert

There will also be one multi-signed card per case and Blue, Red and Black foil cards with 1/1 parallels.

That’s all I can speak to right now, but there is no doubt that Upper Deck is trying to make the most of their license without infringing on the lawsuit they settled with MLBP.

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  1. I don't see why they couldn't produce a B-Harp card of him at the College of Southern Nevada, or still a high school one, if they wanted. As long as UD pretends that MLB teams don't exist, and they stick to city names (like Kenny Powers cards), they should be in good shape.

    The only thing that might be in the way would be any kind of player-exclusive, but I don't think he has one.