Friday, June 11, 2010

Stay AWAY From Anything Ufjumper7

Ufjumper7 is already up to no good with the recent shipment of the Percy Harvin SPAs, and its pretty disheartening that people arent recognizing his crap. This is the umpteenth time I have mentioned him on this site, and I am already tired of him. This guy will most likely be listing a bunch of Harvins, as he actually came up with a pretty good plan. He bought a bunch of redemptions when they were cheap due to rumors, and now has the jump on everyone because no one would suspect they were fake. I mean, they just started showing up on eBay, so how could a known faker be selling fakes, right?

I guarantee that his account should immediately be flagged by everyone, even if this card is real by some miracle. Expect more fakes coming soon as well, as his other redemptions should be showing up very shortly.

Need more proof? Check this one out. I bet this patch pulls right off the top of the swatch.

Ufjumper7 is the newest idiot out there, so add him to the list and watch for his name before you bid on anything.

1 comment:

  1. old news...

    you didnt see my posts about him and his alias on fcb? i caught him even with his buying account. called ebay and they said there was no proof because serial numbers on cards are not real serial #'s lol. i couldnt believe it so i hung up on the indian cock sucker and called him a poonjab