Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Happy (Mail)day

Thank god this day has come. After a whole lot of waiting, my Percy Harvin SPA redemption is here and on my shelf. There was a little snafu on my part not updating my new address, but everything is in hand now. The card is as good as I expected it to be, but the auto and patch leave a little to be desired. Again, that is the nature of the beast, and I am just glad I got an actual patch rather than one of them nameplate patches that Upper Deck used in some of their patch product this year.

This is the third of four Harvin redemptions I have waited on so far this year (I am still waiting on my Ultimate redemption), and the other two have been three color patches from Panini. I guess when you get lucky like that for two straight cards, the third time is against the odds to be the charm. Im still happy that these cards got out, as it’s a pretty important one in completing my list of ones I wanted for him last year. With UD out of the licensed game this year, 2009 is likely to house the only Harvin cards I will want. I guess its about getting that Exquisite one crossed off the list, as it looks just as good as this one turned out to be.

On top of that, the Harvin cards are selling quite well on eBay, with one of the logos at a ridiculous price. I havent decided whether I am going to pursue a card like that, I guess it depends on his replication of his great season from last year.

Overall, color me happy on this one, and excited on the Ultimate if it happens to show up.

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  1. I think Percy is the only guy I give a total pass on auto legibility (ok, so don't really mind Hanley's sloppy shit) but this one is a rare and wonderful specimen even for him. The guy is gold on the gridiron. and I am a packers fan.