Friday, June 4, 2010

Jason Heyward Superfractor Hits Ebay

2010 Bowman has created a hype machine like no other. Said hype is mostly a result of Stephen Strasburg, as expected, but there are a few other guys contributing to the success. One of those guys is Jason Heyward who is all but assured the rookie of the year as long as his current pace continues. Hell, maybe even if it doesnt.

Well, his best card out of 2010 Bowman is up on eBay as we speak, and it is already garnering large amounts of attention and large bid amounts. Heyward is primed to be the next Andruw Jones (the good Andruw Jones), and this card may come close to that modern card ceiling much like the Strasburg super did. I find this completely ludicrous, especially considering this is his THIRD chrome card, and SECOND autographed card. It would be one thing if this was the first, but it is far from that.

I am not going to restate my beliefs on prospecting when it comes to EXTREME high dollar cards, but I think this is an exception considering how many other versions Heyward has had. I guess I must be in the minority to think that spending this kind of money on a card like this superfractor is one of the dumbest things a collector could do, no matter how rich they are or arent.

EDIT: The OTHER Chrome Superfractor Heyward is also on eBay and it should easily eclipse the current one.


  1. Red Flag? - He has not sold anything in 3 years and he was recently buying cheap Bowman autographs and a complete Bowman Chrome master set. Just odd

  2. I think I saw a 2008 Superfractor Auto on eBay and it's going on at the same time.