Friday, June 4, 2010

1500 Bucks Wont Scare Away A Scammer

There are times where you just wonder where people get some ideas. Its become obvious in the last few years that price tag is not a factor when considering fakes, and these examples are the quintessential example of that. On BO's forum, a collector brought these to my attention, showing proof of the patch alterations made to the card.

First, we have this one, number 3 of 25, a 1500 dollar card, if not more. The seller took it down and relisted it with proof of its fake status, claiming that it was sold for a customer, but I have heard that before. Just goes to show what some people will do to make a few extra dollars. Fakers really dont understand that fans track the rare cards like this, so when there are only 25 of these high profile cards, its very likely that there is going to be someone with scans of every one of them put on the net.

Second, we have number 19 of 25, which carries a similar ridiculous price tag PRIOR to alteration. Again, this was pulled because the seller decided to make good on his fakes, but again its still reeks of scam.

Even though these cards were not sold with their fake patches in this form , they will still most likely show up in another form. The purpose of this is to show that no card is safe from fakes, and that you need to look at every possible angle before buying a card in any form. The hobby is an unsafe place when it comes to some cards, and unfortunately that means that price tag is not a deterrant.


  1. looks like the guy failed 3rd grade english class

  2. wow. dude seems legit. but the fact of the matter is that if you cant tell that its fake from the first loook then you should NOT collect cards. those jersey swatches are OBIVOUSLY FROM BOOTLEG JERSEYS

  3. Great Job, never seen anything like this before on ebay.

  4. how about the dummies that are bidding on the apology NON-auction!!! hahahaha

  5. just to let you guys know, I actually live in Hong Kong and know the guy that runs the Home-Run auctions. He is genuinely a hard core collector of mostly basketball cards and sells other stuff for local collectors who dont have an ebay account. When he genuinely means it that he didnt know, I can vouch for him because he brought this up to us the other day. He used to run a hobby shop and yes his English sucks because well 1. hes from Hong Kong 2. he just sells cards for people.

    I met the guy who gave him the card and told him that pretty much 80% of the card collecting world catches on to this nonsense so its pretty impossible to fake cards and get away with it unless some people are just that dumb. His excuse was "so what...let the idiots buy"