Monday, May 17, 2010

More Insanity From 2010 Bowman

I just saw this posted on FCB, and I believe this price on the Dustin Ackley Superfractor auto 1/1 is totally and utterly insane. Even if this guy turns out to be a perennial all star, maybe winning a few MVPs, there is no way this price has anywhere to go but down. Look at what Ryan Braun sold for, and then consider the price on this guy. I mean think of all you could have instead of dropping this kind of coin on a guy who may OR may not pan out. I can understand spending 100 bucks, maybe 200 if you are a huge Mariners fan who wants to get some cards of the highly touted prospect. But that kind of money? Cmon.

Ackley isnt the only one garnering ridiculous prices for his parallels either:

I mean, I get that they are 1/1s, but you could have an auto of just about anyone for those prices. Wow. Prospecting is one thing, this is completely different.


  1. Chromies and their cards, bro, chromies and their cards.

    I prefer to wait a few months and then swoop in when BCDP comes out, because everyone forgets about the earlier BC release.

  2. thole is no where near under priced. im actually the one who bought it. watch though. mid season will be 1500-2k