Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Details Emerging on the 2010 NFL Rookie Premiere

Ive gotten a few emails over the last day or so explaining that there is going to be a very public focus to the rookie premiere this year, mostly centered on spreading word on the hobby. I assume that between now and friday, each company will make an announcement that reveals their event that is open to the public.

Yesterday, Panini announced that they are going to be taking over a Wal Mart in Oxnard, CA with 15 of the players from the premiere. They will be doing pack wars, signing autographs, and im sure giving away lots of prizes. Personally, Ill decide whether or not to make the trip once I figure out the schedule to the event, as well as determine if the baby is going to cooperate at home with my wife, so who knows. I would much rather spend my time at a local shop like previous years rather than a freaking Wal Mart, but I am guessing that they just need the space for all the people that are going to come. Too bad they couldnt find a way to spread the wealth among the shops in the area, because I know a few of them could definitely use the people. Besides, for a company that has spent so much time stroking the nervous necks of the shop owners, they sure did take it in the complete opposite direction.

On Sunday, there is also an event scheduled at Santa Monica High School, which probably is Upper Deck's thing, though not as many details have been announced. I have an email into Upper Deck for more info, we will see what they say.

That leaves Thursday or Saturday for Topps, but they may also be jumping on with Upper Deck. If you are an autograph hound like myself, I think it may be in your best interest to keep checking back, there are a lot of details yet to be hammered out. This may be your chance to get early autographs of the 2010 Rookies, and you do not want to miss out if you live in or near LA.

Ill keep you updated as my sources update me, maybe ill just pay a reporter who is already going to be there like Beckett will to get my coverage.

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  1. Wow, im in LA. What should i get my Autographs on? A ball? Where will the parties be, where were the last year? I am going to go to the even at Santa Monica High School!? Any tips?